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Society for the Study of Addiction (SSA) Fellowship Projects


What influences vaping harm perceptions among young adults and how can they be modified?

Principal Investigator: Dr Katie East
Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship (2021)

Katie was awarded the SSA Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship in 2021. Katie’s fellowship examines the factors that influence young adults’ perceptions of vaping harms and how those perceptions can be modified. Katie will analyse population-level survey data, vaping messaging from health organisations and governments and longitudinal data to understand how inaccurate harm perceptions are formed and how they might then be changed. Katie was awarded her PhD at King’s in 2019.

Detecting at-risk tobacco users through the treatment events on electronic health data records

Principal Investigator: Dr Erikas Simonavicius
Post-Doctoral Transitional Development Fellowship

The project is supported by the post-doctoral transitional development support from the Society for the Study of Addiction. It aims to explore how electronic health data records can be used to identify people who might be at risk of developing preventable diseases due to their tobacco use. Erikas was awarded his PhD at King’s in 2020.

The influence of within-game constructs on gambling behaviour

Principal Investigator: Dr Steve Sharman
Griffith Edwards Academic Fellowship (2017) at the University of East London

Steve was awarded the SSA Griffith Edwards Fellowship in 2017, at the University of East London. His fellowship research examined the influence of within-game constructs such as near-misses and losses disguised as wins on gambling behaviour, delivered in virtual reality. Throughout the fellowship, the research programme allowed for the development of two different virtual environments - computer generated virtual reality, and 360 degree real life virtual reality. His work on within-game constructs will help inform the upcoming gambling Government review.