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The Section of Women’s Mental Health (SWMH) undertakes mental health services and policy research with a primary focus on women’s mental health.  We carry out global research into the gendered determinants of mental health problems and the needs of women with mental health problems using epidemiological and qualitative methods and develop and evaluate interventions to meet those needs and inform health policy. Our work contributes to policymaking and healthcare practice both nationally and internationally.  

We have an interest in understanding the impact of mental health problems on women and their families and have developed an instrument to measure the health and social care needs of pregnant women and mothers with severe mental illness. We also lead research that aims to reduce the risk and impact of violence and abuse, with a focus on domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking, including through our leadership of the UKRI Violence Abuse and Mental Health Network.  

Our research group comprises more than 20 staff and PhD students and has ongoing collaborations with research groups across KCL and with colleagues in several countries.  

Key resources 

You can hear interviews with members of SWMH and other guests by downloading the Minding the Gap podcast, available from Spotify.