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The purpose of this form is for you to communicate to the Credit Control Department that you have made a payment to King’s College London and to provide the payment details to assist in the identification and allocation of the payment to your invoice.

Please note that the completion of this form does not constitute the receipt of your funds and only acts as a means of communicating to Credit Control that you, or someone on your behalf, has instructed a payment to be made for fees to King's College London

Should we not be able to locate your funds, a member of the Credit Control Department will be in touch in due course to request further details.

How long should my payment take to show on my Student Fee Statement:

  • Card payments (debit and credit) normally take between 24 and 48 hours to appear on your student fee statement.
  • Domestic UK bank transfers normally take around 3 working days to be received and reflect on your student fee statement.
  • International bank transfers can take around 5 working days to reflect on your student fee statement, please allow additional days where an intermediary bank may be involved.

If your payment is still not showing on your student fee statement after the above timelines, then please complete the form below. 

Please DO NOT submit this form without allowing the sufficient processing time outlined above.

Please note that you are encouraged to use this online form as a means of attaching additional supporting documentation regarding your transfer, such as the bank transfer confirmation which your bank should be able to provide to you.

Please complete as many of the fields below to enable us to identify and allocate your payment as swiftly as possible

Payment details

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Credit Control contact details: