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The residence fees will be itemised on your agreement summary provided when you book your room and an invoice will be generated and emailed to you, normally within 7-10 days of your arrival. Your invoice is also accessible by logging onto Student Records and clicking on the 'Student Fee Statement' link under the 'My Fees' header.

Student records portal

Payment of each instalment is required by the start of each term, on or before the dates set out below:

● 1st Term – 25 October

● 2nd Term – 25 January

● 3rd Term – 5 May

● Summer Extension - 24 June

Residence fees for a student whose license agreement commences after the standard term due date, is payable within 14 days of commencement of the agreement. Subsequent instalments are then payable in accordance with the due dates as specified above.

Standard terms fees are calculated as follows:

Academic Year 2022/23

  Early Arrival Week   12 September 2022   17 September 2022   5 Nights
  Term 1   17 September 2022   07 January 2023   16 weeks
  Term 2   07 January 2023   15 April 2023   14 weeks
  Term 3   15 April 2023   24 June 2023   10 weeks
  Summer Extension 1   24 June 2023   19 August 2023   8 weeks
  Summer Extension 2   24 June 2023   09 September 2023   11 weeks


Need to talk to someone about your room?

If you experience an issue/wish to discuss a problem regarding your room in King's Residence, or if you wish to discuss terminating your residences contract early, please contact (Where your query is in relation to the fees for your room, please ensure you copy in (cc) so that we are aware of your situation).

Please be aware that if you are seeking to terminate your contract, it is not guaranteed that you will be able to do so, therefore you may still be liable for any upcoming/overdue fees until such time as the residences team have agreed to terminate the contract.

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