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Funding opportunities

Offered by the King's Global Mobility Office

Broadening Horizons Award - Information and Eligibility Criteria

This funding opportunity, jointly launched with the Widening Participation Department in 2015/16, is aimed at increasing the number of widening participation students who can and do access the mobility opportunities available to them at King's.


Funding will be distributed to undergraduate, home-fee paying* students (with the exception of recipients of the Sanctuary Scholarship) who will be going overseas to complete a traditional study abroad semester or full year, a summer programme, field trip, elective or other short-term placement such as an internship or research activity within or outside of their King's degree.

The overseas activity does not have to be part of the student's degree (i.e. it can be extra-curricular) and funding can be requested before, during or after the overseas activity.

Students are eligible to apply for the Broadening Horizons Award if they are undergraduate, home-fee paying students* and meet one or more of the following criteria:

* If you are unsure whether this applies to you, please contact the Global Mobility Office

** Sanctuary Scholars are not expected to meet the criteria of being a home-fee paying student.

Retrospective applications

Applications for retrospective funding will be considered, however students should apply to the Broadening Horizons Award as soon as possible after their overseas experience.

For example if you do a summer exchange program and don't manage to apply for funding in advance, you should apply for retrospective in the first funding round of the next academic year. Retrospective applications submitted at a future date will not be considered. 

Guidelines for awards

In previous years, students have been awarded in the region of £300 - £900. Award amounts are subject to change and the exact amount awarded will depend on your destination, length of stay, level of financial need, and the overall number of applications received by the Global Mobility Office.

Meeting the eligibility criteria above does not guarantee that you will be awarded funding.

Semester and full year applications for Europe attract a lower level of funding as students will also be receiving the Erasmus+ funding

Global Internships applicants

Students who will be taking part in a Global Internships programme may be awarded different funding levels, though applications are submitted in the same way as other students applying to the Broadening Horizons Award. Please indicate in your application that you will be taking part in a GI programme. More information can be found on the Global Internships page

BHA for Global Summer Exchange programme

Your Global Summer Exchange allocation will be made at the same time as you are informed of the outcome of your Broadening Horizons Award.

Please note that if you are offered a grant through Broadening Horizons, you may not actually receive the money until June.

Students who apply for a Broadening Horizons Award will not hear about the outcome of the grant application until May/June, and will therefore need to accept/reject their summer exchange offers without knowing the outcome of their funding application.


Applications are reviewed by the panel after each deadline. Students can expect to hear back regarding the outcome of their application within six weeks of the respective deadline. It can then take up to one month for the payment to be made by the King's Funding office, in busy periods this may be longer.

Alternative format

Students that require advice on or support with their application are advised to contact the Global Mobility Officer (Increasing Opportunities) via email at studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk.

Multiple applications

Please note students are not permitted to apply for the Broadening Horizons Award more than once in a single academic year. Students are permitted to apply for the award in separate academic years but their application may not be prioritised above those who have previously not been awarded.

Modern Languages or International Management students who are doing more than one activity for their compulsory year abroad should apply for both activities in one application. If there are any changes to your year abroad activities, please let us know as this may affect your funding.

How to apply

Details on the application for the 2022/2023 Academic Year can be found below.

Please note that (with the exception of students applying for a BHA award to support a Global Summer Exchange), students should have a confirmed place on their chosen Study Abroad programme before applying to the Broadening Horizons Award. You may be required to show confirmation of your programme in order to receive any award.

If you do not participate in your activity for any reason, you will be required to return any funding you have received.

Broadening Horizons Award 2022/2023

Please note the information provided below is provisional and will be confirmed towards the start of the next academic year. Application dates and deadlines are provided here as guidelines based on previous years and will be confirmed in due course. Please continue to check this page for updates.

The 2022/2023 Broadening Horizons Award is for international activities taking place between 1 September 2022 and 31 August 2023. As in previous years, it's likely that there will be three rounds of applications throughout the 2022/2023 academic year and when you will apply will depend on when in the year your activity will take place:

  • Round 1: for activities taking place between September 2022 and January 2023 (usually Semester 1 and Full Year activities) - the deadline is likely to be 1st August 2022 

  • Round 2: for activities taking place between January and June 2023 (usually Semester 2 activities) - the deadline is likely to be 1st December 2022

  • Round 3: for activities taking place between June and August 2023 (usually summer activities but also students studying abroad in 2023/2024 whose activity starts before the end of August 2023 ) - the deadline is likely to be 1st April 2023

If you are unsure if you or your activity are eligible, or you aren't sure in which round you should apply, please contact studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk.


Global Summer Exchange Award

This award is intended only for the participants of the Global Summer Exchange programme. The idea is for students to share media (videography, music) from their time abroad, to promote further mobility. There is no additional eligibility criteria, however we particularly encourage applications from students from under-represented backgrounds who will be participating in the exchange.

How to apply:
The application will be linked onto this page between 31/03/2022 -20/04/2022. We will not accept late applications.

Students will submit a 'pitch' of their ideas of how they can contribute media while abroad. This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Blog post
  • Podcast
  • Music
  • Instagram Takeover (stories & grid)
  • Other [this must deemed appropriate for promotion by the Global Mobility Office]

For videography/photography, students will ideally to provide a portfolio (which could be something as simple as an Instagram/YouTube page) to indicate the standard they will be able to supply in return for the funds. For written work, students will need to provide an ideal theme that they'd like to talk about and this would be assessed in terms of how it would benefit further mobility.

Funds are likely to be in the region of GBP £300, but this is dependent on the location visited as well as the content delivered, and applications received.

The application can be accessed online here. For any issues relating to the application, or to require assistance to complete it, please contact the Global Mobility Office (studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk). 

Other funding opportunities

This is by no means an exhaustive list of study abroad funding opportunities, but can be used as a springboard for further research.

If you hear of funding opportunities available that we do not list below, please do let us know by emailing studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk.

King's College Travel Awards (Not available for 2020/21)

The Travel Awards are a set of four different funds established through gifts and donations to the College to help students undertake periods of placement, elective, study-related project, conference attendance, volunteer work or travel. Further information about the awards can be found through the Student Funding Office.

The Ann Dodgson Foundation

The Ann Dodgson Foundation encourages young people to spend an extended period of time in France or other French-speaking countries. Our grants have supported gap-year projects, undergraduates during their year abroad, postgraduates working and researching abroad as well as students attending the UN. Our most recent grant was to a university student spending her gap year in France. Teachers and other young professionals planning a stay in France are also encouraged to apply.

More information and how to apply can be found here.


British Spanish Society Scholarships

The BritishSpanish Society, an independent UK registered charity with over one hundred years of history, is delighted to announce the opening of its 13th Scholarships Programme, presenting a record ten scholarship awards, ranging from £5,000 to £6,000 each.

Our scholarships programme aims to support postgraduate projects by British and Spanish nationals in any subject discipline. Applications will be accepted for ongoing research as well as projects which are due to start next academic year, provided that they have been unconditionally accepted by a UK / Spanish Higher Education institution.

Deadline for applications: TBC for 2020/21 academic year

For more information, and to apply click here.

Chinese Government Scholarship

King’s College London students who are interested in undertaking studies in China are encouraged to apply for the Chinese Government Scholarships. These scholarships are offered annually and students are able to apply to a variety of programmes at a number of universities in China.

These scholarships are awarded by the China Scholarships Council in conjunction with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in London.

About the scholarship

  • Subjects: The range of subjects can be found here.

  • Cover: Tuition fees, accommodation, medical insurance and a living stipend.

  • Duration: Up to seven years of funding provided, which includes up to two years of Chinese language learning, if applicable.

  • Eligibility: UK nationals who are in their final year of studies at undergraduate or graduate level. 


Full information about the scholarship, participating universities and application procedure can be found in this guidance document and further information on the application can be found here.


  • Follow the online application procedure as detailed by the guidance document.  

  • Students will also simultaneously need to fill in a King’s university nomination form and send this to studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk. 

  • Nominated applicants will be informed after the end of the application round.

Please note that a nomination does not guarantee award of the scholarship. Final decisions are made by the China Scholarship Council only. Successful scholarship applicants will be notified directly by the Chinese Embassy.

Please direct all enquiries about the scholarship to the Chinese Embassy in London: scholarship@edu-chineseembassy-uk.org.

Daiwa Foundation Small Grants

The Daiwa Foundation Small Grants of £2,000-£7,000 are available to individuals, societies, associations and other bodies in the UK or Japan to promote and support interaction between the two countries. Daiwa Foundation Small Grants can cover all fields of activity, including educational and grassroots exchanges, research travel, the organisation of conferences, exhibitions, and other projects and events that fulfil this broad objective. New initiatives are especially encouraged.

To apply: Applicants should visit the Daiwa Foundation website for more details and to complete the online form.

Daiwa Scholarships in Japenese Studies

Daiwa Scholarships in Japanese Studies were established in April 2015 to fund postgraduate students of Japanese Studies on courses in either Japan or the UK. Applicants must be British citizens who are holders of a degree in Japanese Studies, defined as a course focussing primarily on the study of Japan and containing a substantial Japanese language component, and who are enrolled or enrolling in a Japanese Studies-related course in either Japan or the UK. 

To apply: Applicants should visit the Daiwa Foundation Scholarships website for more information and follow the instructions to complete the online form. The deadline for the 2021 programme is Thursday, 28 January 2021.

DUO Singapore Exchange Award

The DUO Fellowship Fund aims to promote student exchanges between European and Asian member countries. The fund is awarded by the Singapore Government to students studying at, amongst others, the National University of Singapore (NUS). Each student will be awarded a maximum of 4,000 Euros.

To apply: Applicants should visit the DUO website to download an application form and obtain further details of the scholarship scheme.

Erasmus+ Mobility Grant

Eligibility and how to apply: Students studying at one of the College's European partner institutions under the framework of the European Erasmus+ exchange programme will automatically be put forward for an Erasmus mobility grant assuming their mobility is known about by the Study Abroad team by September of the academic year in which they go abroad.
Further information: This grant is administered by the Student Funding Office and is commonly paid in two instalments (usually November & March).

The Student Funding Office will contact recipients of this grant during November through the King's email system.
Further details about the Erasmus Mobility Grant.

Generation UK - China Academic Scholarships (Not available for 2020/21)

The British Council in China is offering up to five Generation UK scholarships for outstanding UK students who wish to study at mainland Chinese universities. 

Academic scholarships can be used at any mainland Chinese institution approved by the Ministry of Education to accept foreign students. You can decide where you want to be based and which subjects (at a non-degree level) you wish to study. The majority of students choose to study in Beijing.

All scholarships cover tuition fees, accommodation, and a monthly living allowance to help with day-to-day expenses.

For further details including eligibility criteria, application process, deadlines, and what the funding covers, see the British Council Study in China webpage.

Gilbert Murray Trust

The International Studies Committee of the Gilbert Murray Trust seeks to promote the study of the purposes and work of the United Nations with the help of travel scholarships, support for participation in UN-related short courses, conferences and summer schools, help for small personal research projects involving travel, supporting work with international organizations, and new initiatives in funding research which will at once benefit from and promote international collaboration.

For further details, see here

Jack's Flight Club Study Abroad Grant

Jack's Flight Club are offering 2 x £500 grants throughout the year to two separate winners

Who is eligible?

The grant is open to any citizen and/or resident of the UK & Ireland, who is enrolled full time in an accredited University and will be studying abroad. All other entries will be void.

How do I apply?

We’re looking for a short 500 word essay. Tell us where you’re planning on going and how studying abroad will help you achieve your ambitions, both academically and personally. 

Send your essay to studyabroad@jacksflightclub.com with the subject line 'JFC study abroad grant'.

How will I receive the money?

Grants will be distributed once details of the international opportunity have been confirmed by the host institution via email.

Can I submit more than one entry?

No. One entry per person, per semester

When do you start accepting applications?

Applications will open on 25th August 2020. The first winner will be announced at the end of January 2021 and the second at the end of June 2021.

For more information, see Jack's Flight Club Travel Grant webpage.  

Japan Student Services Organisation

Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO) offers scholarships for qualified international students studying at a Japanese university under a student exchange agreement on a short-term basis from 8 days to one year 


The applicant must satisfy following conditions:

  • Students must hold nationality of countries that have diplomatic relations with Japan. (Applicants from Taiwan and Palestine are acceptable.)

  • Students must not hold Japanese nationality 

Value: TBC for 2020/21

To apply: The Japanese university will apply to JASSO on behalf of the eligible student according to their own criteria. Upon screening the application documents submitted by Japanese school, JASSO will decide the programs and the number of students and inform the Japanese university.

For further information, applicants are advised to speak with their confirmed Japanese study abroad university and see JASSO's Student Exchange Support Program (Scholarship for short-term study in Japan) page.

Japanese Government Scholarship - Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, Waseda University

This program is sponsored by the Japanese government and awards a full scholarship

including a round trip air fee, tuition, entrance fee, and monthly stipend for 2 years of MA program,

and 3 years for PhD in Japan.

The application period is TBC for 2020/21


Detailed information regarding this scholarship application process can be found on this website.

John Speak Language Trust

The John Speak Languages Scholarship can provide you with complementary funding to assist you to travel overseas to study a language. The trust has funded many scholarships to countries such as wide-reaching as Argentina, Spain, Italy, Japan, China, France, Germany and Burma to name but a few.


Successful applicants will benefit from an average award of £1,870 each. Scholarships last between three and twelve months and can be tailored to individual circumstances.

When to apply?

Applications are being accepted from 1 September 2020.

Am I eligible?

  •  Be natural born British citizens

  •  Be over 18 years old

  •  Have a basic knowledge of the language to be studied (at least GCSE or equivalent)

  • Reside in accommodation while abroad within the local community rather than with English speakers

  • Study at a recognised college or university

More information

For more information, please see here

Association of Commonwealth Universities Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship

A Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarship is a unique opportunity to study for a two-years Master’s degree in low or middle-income country of the Commonwealth.

Aimed at students who are committed to creating change in their communities, the scholarships are a life-changing opportunity to experience a new country and culture, to broaden horizons, and to build a global network that will last a lifetime.

Through cultural exchange and academic collaboration, Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars help bring about positive change and find solutions to the shared challenges we face – both in their home countries and those that host them. As an active part of the Commonwealth network, scholars will help shape its future.

Applications will open in November 2020. Deadlines are TBC.

More information on participating univerities and how to apply can be found here.

Santander Travel Award

This year's Santander Travel Award is exceptionally open to all Modern Languages students who were due to study abroad in 2020/2021. The activity must take place between 01/09/2020 and 31/08/2021.

Applications are welcome from these students who have faced financial difficulty as a result of the pandemic, either as a result of not being able to travel (e.g. having to find last-minute accommodation in London or losing deposits on flights/accommodation overseas) or as a result of increased costs of travelling (e.g. last-minute flights, additional insurance costs, costs of quarantining). 

These students may also apply if they are planning to take part in a 2021 online summer activity with an additional tuition fee that is related to their programme, such as an online language course. You will be required to show proof of costs and registration.

Please apply here. The deadline for applications is 1 July 2021 at 5pm (BST) - which means you may not receive the funding until after your activity has started, or finished.

This application is not open to Modern Languages students studying abroad in 2021/2022.

If you have any questions about eligibility, please contact studyabroad@kcl.ac.uk.

Student Finance Travel Grants

Student Finance England offer a travel grant, available to full time students who are studying or completing a placement abroad as part of their degree. It is a reimbursement scheme that is means tested and is predominantly aimed at supporting travel costs, most notably flights. The Direct Gov website gives information on how much is available and how to apply for a Student Finance Travel Grant. If you have any questions about this then you should contact Student Finance directly and indeed can request the relevant form by calling 0845 300 50 90

The other UK Student Finance companies also offer travel grants with different criteria:

  • Student Finance Wales - please click here for full details

  • Student Awards Agency Scotland - please click here for full details (pages 23 and 24)

  • Student Finance Northern Ireland - please click here for full details

More information on how Student Finance England can assist funding your study abroad period can be found here

Volunteer Forever Travel Scholarship

Since 2014, Volunteer Forever has been offering a $500 to $1000 travel scholarship to help participants defray the cost of studying, volunteering, interning, teaching, or working abroad.

The scholarship award can be used for anything related to your travel, including the program fee, airfare, travel insurance, or even spending money while you are traveling!

Volunteer Forever run two scholarship campaigns each year and the next deadline is on 31st March 2019.

Funding databases

The below websites can be used to search for further study abroad funding. 

Postgraduate Funding

For postgraduate funding opportunities for overseas study and research (including the Global Research Grant), please see our Postgraduate Options page

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