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Accounting & Finance

BSc Accounting and Finance students have the opportunity to extend their programme to 4 years and study abroad for the full 3rd year or to study abroad for the first semester of their 2nd year only remaining on the 3-year programme. Students starting their King's degrees from September 2024 onwards on the programme BSc Accounting and Finance with a year in Industry will have the opportunity to study abroad for the first semester of their second year. These students cannot study abroad for a full academic year.

Exchange opportunities:


If you're going to the University of Melbourne, students need to have passed 120 KCL credits before departing to Melbourne; please consider if you are a first year student who has outstanding assessments to Period 3 (August assessment period).


If going to Vienna for the first semester only, students should be aware that teaching at Vienna runs until the end of January and they will miss the first weeks of teaching at KBS. Whilst KBS have approved this, students are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure they are caught up on all missed work during this period. Any missed assessments will not be mitigated as the result of study abroad.




Hong Kong



Module Selection:

All students need to take and pass modules equivalent to 60 King's credits for one semester and 120 King's credits for the full year. It’s important to note that we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access your compulsory modules at your host institution as module availability might change on short notice each year. If students cannot find the compulsory modules for their degree at the partner, they will not be permitted to study abroad or will be asked to return to the King's Business School. NB: Students students choosing to go abroad only for the first semester of their second year should be aware that there are module requirements that need to be fulfilled whilst studying abroad. Those students should take into account any prerequisites for their third year modules, and must also register on the equivalent of the following core modules if studying abroad for a semester only in their second year. 5SSMN235 Financial Accounting and Reporting 5SSMN229 Management Accounting 5QQMN941 Business Ethics and Sustainability You must make sure that the equivalent of these modules run in Semester 1 at your chosen host destinations if you are only studying abroad for the first semester of your second year. Students who choose to add an additional year to study abroad during their 3rd year (as part of a 4-year programme) will not have to take any core modules whilst abroad. All students preparing to study abroad must work with the Study Abroad Tutor for Management to confirm appropriate module choices ahead of the module selection deadline set by the host university.