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Liberal Arts

Students on the BA Liberal Arts are strongly recommended to consider studying abroad. This is available for the second semester of the second year of the BA. King's has a whole host of partner universities, and different departments offer different destinations to their students. The study abroad options for Liberal Arts students vary. They have the option of selecting from destinations that are either: a) a partner of their major department b) a Liberal Arts partner For students interested in studying abroad at a Liberal Arts partner, they need to ensure that the institution offers sufficient modules in their major subject (students starting their degree in 2023/24 must take at least 50% of their study abroad credits in their major subject. Students pursuing a minor must take at least one module in the minor subject whilst abroad). Students can explore their major’s departmental study abroad destinations by visiting the destinations options by subject webpage.

Exchange opportunities:



If you'd like to study at the Ashoka University please make note of the following: History, TRS, Politics, Philosophy, Film, Comp Lit and English Literature majors only.