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Transnational Law LLM pathway

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This pathway provides an in-depth engagement with required areas of transnational law today, it offers an unprecedented opportunity for students preparing for a career in global private practice, as in-house counsel or international public service, the non-profit sector or an international organisation; or with adjudicatory bodies, agencies and networks. You will cover key areas in public law from a transnational law perspective, including human rights, refugee law, criminal law, policing and security and the interplay between domestic and international organisations.

Key benefits

  • The King’s LLM in Transnational Law equips students with the competences and skills to successfully master this new, complex and fast evolving world, exposing them to some of the most important regulatory arenas in transnational law and governance today.
  • Transnational Law modules are taught by a selection of the world’s most renowned academics and practitioners in the field whose expertise and experience will help students to get ready for their practice with a deep knowledge of the law and with a critical understanding of what it means to envision law and legal practice on a global scale.
  • The Transnational Law pathway fosters students’ analytical and critical thinking, as well as their collaborative and social skills, their teamwork, both locally and internationally, and their ability to effectively identify and negotiate the stakes of a case and represent the affected interests.
  • The Transnational Law pathway enhances a rigorous, theoretically and historically informed legal education with a focus on real-world challenges in a global world – be that in refugee law, corporate governance or criminal law, among others.

What you will study

Once enrolled on the General LLM at King’s, students can choose modules to follow the Transnational Law pathway and achieve a specialist LLM in Transnational Law. Full-time students who complete the programme in one year will normally take modules totalling 180 credits.  To graduate with a Transnational Law LLM at least 120 credits must be taken within the pathway. This can be optional modules alone or a combination of optional modules and a writing project, providing its content is relevant to the pathway.    The range of Transnational Law LLM optional modules may typically include:  

  • Authoritarianism, Populism and the Law (15 credits)
  • Business and Human Rights (15 credits)
  • Human Rights Law: International and Transnational Perspectives (30 credits)
  • International Refugee Law (15 credits)
  • Law, Reform and Policy in Ukraine (15 credits)
  • Principles of Enterprise Governance (15 credits)
  • The Law and Practice of Modern Slavery (15 credits)
  • The Law and Practice of the United Nations: Edging towards Transnational Constitutionalism? (15 credits)
  • Transnational Human Rights Litigation (15 Credits)

In addition, all students are required to take one of the following writing projects, detailed further on the General LLM prospectus page: 

  • Dissertation (45 credits)
  • Dissertation (60 credits)
  • 10,000 word practice or research module (45 credits)

To follow the Transnational Law pathway, you must first apply for the General LLM at King's. After enrolment you will select your pathway modules.

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Pathway Director

Dr Octavio Ferraz.

Professor Octavio Ferraz

Professor of Law

Dr Octavio Ferraz leads the Transnational Law pathway. Dr Ferraz’s research interests are in the field of human rights and development, especially the role and impact of law and courts in poverty, equality and social justice. Before joining King’s he was a senior research officer to the UN special rapporteur for the right to health, Professor Paul Hunt, at the University of Essex, and then moved to Warwick Law School.

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