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5 minutes with Nabila Mughal

Nabila Mughal is a CMR Superintendent Radiographer at the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences. She works on research and clinical projects at St Thomas' Hospital and was recently elected Vice-Chair of the BSCMR Radiographer Board. We spoke to Nabila about her career in radiography, her impressive deadlifting skills and the importance of community at work and beyond.

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Could you tell us about your background and career up till this point?

I qualified with honours in BSc Radiography and started work at St Mary’s Hospital as a general radiographer, then moved on to St Bartholomew's Hospital and the London Hospital where I was taught Cardiac MRI. I worked at Barts for 6 years and then got a job at King’s as the Cardiac MRI Superintendent.

I was born and raised in the UK and am a mother of 4 boys!

Outside of work, I work with the council, schools and religious leaders to regularly organise community and charity events.


What do you think people would find most surprising about you?

Most surprising is a tricky one… maybe something fun like the fact that I can deadlift 120kg!


What's something you enjoy doing outside of academia/work?

I love going for walks with the kids as we live near a forest, so we get creative! I'm an avid gym-goer which gives me time for myself to get my energy back up. I also enjoy bringing the community together through organising large events, hikes, charity fundraising and the like. Our last event for Eid saw a turnout of 8,000 people and was covered by national media which was great!


What does a typical day look like for you?

I wake up at 5, get the lunchboxes ready, and leave for work at a quarter to 6. Arrive at 7 AM, catch up with emails, and then organise brief catch-ups and sense checks with my radiographers, research staff, admin staff and managers throughout the day. I then proceed to my assigned duties for that day which are either scanning on one of our scanners or completing any admin work. Our scanning starts at 8 AM and finishes at 8 PM!


What is your favourite part of your current role?

It has to be the multidisciplinary team. Not because this sounds nice as an answer but because it is very true. We all come from very diverse backgrounds and get along really well. I enjoy coming to work and regardless of how difficult the day might be, having a helpful and supportive team really helps me get through it.



Favourite Netflix show?

I recently watched the Beckham documentary and really enjoyed it!

Favourite scientist?

Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī

Favourite season?


Your go-to coffee order?

Not a coffee lover but green tea with freshly squeezed lemon helps wake me up!


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