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Troubleshooting for eStore Customers

We have tried to provide solutions to the more common issues experienced by customers using the eStore.

If the information here doesn't help you, please contact us at If you contact us please include as much information as possible (a screenshot may help us too). But please do not include any of your card details for security reasons. We will not need to know any card information.

KNOWN ISSUE: Using the eStore with older operating systems and browsers

If you are using an older operating system or browser (Windows XP or older, and out of date browser versions), a change is being made before the end of 2015 that will stop you being able to access the eStore. This is happening because of new regulations that are coming in response to these systems being unsafe to use for entering passwords and card details on secure websites.

After the change is made, anyone on an older system will find the website will fail to load when they try to login/register or pay. There will be no way of working around this issue apart from accessing the store from a newer system. We apologise for the inconvenience, but it is being done to ensure your information is safe when you use our site.

Please contact us if you do not have access to a newer system and are unable to use the site.

Error Message: "You have exceeded your number of allowable purchases of this product"

This message appears because some products are limited to the number you can buy per person or per visit. Please contact the organisers of the item, whose contact details should be listed on the product page, if you are trying to buy multiple of an item and seeing this.

If you are not buying many and do not understand why you are receiving this message, check your basket to see if it is already there, in which case you can continue to payment or clear your basket. Another way of making sure your basket is clear is by logging out of the store and closing the window then reopening it.

Error Message: "Your session has expired for security reasons. Your session has been terminated due to a period
of inactivity of twenty minutes. If you are concerned that a payment has been made please check your account history within My Account."
  • This message does not always mean you have left the page inactive, but as the message advises, you may have left it inactive for more than twenty minutes. If you were in the process of making an order you would need to start again. As it also advises, if you want to check if a payment has already gone through you can check the My Account  page.
  • Alternatively you may have clicked the 'Back' button on your browser during the ordering process. Instead of using the back button, use other buttons provided such as "View/Edit Questionnaires", "Edit Section", and the buttons on the left. If your payment was being processed please do not refresh the page or you may be charged twice. Exit and return to the store, and as mentioned above check your My Account page to see if your payment went through.
  • If you repeatedly see this message it is important to wait at least 20-30 minutes before trying again. You can also try using the store from a different computer, as internet or browser security settings could be conflicting with the store.
Error Message:  "Confirm Form Resubmission", "Webpage has expired", or similar (different for each browser)

If you see this message (click here to view examples) you will have clicked the 'Back' button on your browser after submitting information such as questionnaire information or payment details. The message is displayed by your browser and may advise you to refresh the page.

If you were confirming your payment, you should not  refresh the page, as this may submit your payment twice. You should exit the store, and check in your "My Account" section to see if your order is showing as "Paid". If not then payment was not successful, and you will need to order again.

However if you were entering questionnaire data for example you can refresh the page without it causing a problem.

I am having trouble registering as a customer...
  • Make sure you have answered all mandatory questions and there are no errors. Mandatory questions are marked with a red asterisk (*) next to them. There may be red arrow boxes advising you if there is anything entered incorrectly.
  • Check the 'Address Name' box which appears above where you enter your address. Sometimes it can be easy to miss. The 'Address Name' box needs you to enter something identifying about your address for your own reference (e.g. 'Home', 'Work'). Click here to see where we mean.
  • If it is not working and all the information is definitely correctly filled out, try the process from a different computer. Internet or browser security settings can sometimes conflict with the store and stop it working properly. Using a different computer can avoid these issues.
I am having trouble logging in...
  • Please make sure you are entering your password exactly. Passwords are case sensitive, so make sure caps lock isn't on.
  • Consider if you are registered to the store using another email address. You should have received a welcome email from '' when you registered. If you do not have this you may not have used that email address.
  • If you have forgotten your password, or are not sure which email address you used, try entering your email address(es) in the 'Forgotten Password' option. A message will advise you if your email address isn't on our system. Otherwise an email will go to your email address with instructions on how to reset your password.
  • Please note: Our store is separate from other systems, including others at King's College London (e.g. Alumni Online). Login details you have for other sites and areas (inside and outside King's) will not be valid on the eStore. If you have never used the eStore before you will need to register as a new customer
I am having trouble making a payment...

There are a lot of reasons why a payment might fail or be declined. We only have access to limited information so we are not always able to see specific reasons for a payment being declined. However the most common reasons are:

  • Incorrect information has been entered: This could be for example your card number, cardholder name, billing address, card type, or expiry date. The store will often display messages when incorrect or invalid information has been entered.
  • There is a problem with your account: This could be things such as insufficient funds; a temporary stop being placed on your card, or other account issues. The fraud prevention systems of your bank may have decided a transaction was suspicious and blocked it. Check with your bank if there are any issues with your card or account; reasons you cannot use it online; or (if non-UK) reasons you can't use it on a UK site.
  • It could be a problem with '3D Secure' (also known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and other names). It is the last stage of the payment process where you are asked additional security questions. We have no control over 3D Secure, it is provided via your bank. Click here to see what this screen looks like. If you are having problems:
      • Check you are entering your details correctly. If you are not registered for 3D Secure, you may be asked to sign up. However your bank may not be involved in 3D Secure at all, in which case the store should skip past this screen.
      • Try using a different internet browser (for example if you are using Internet Explorer, try with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome). There may be something in your browser settings blocking your attempt to pay.
      • If the above doesn't work, or you don't have access to another browser, try paying from a different computer. Internet security settings or out-of-date Java on your computer could also be the cause. A different computer will hopefully work around these problems.
      • If your bank does not use 3D Secure, then there may be incompatibility that is causing a problem.
  • It could also be a one-off technical error somewhere between the store and your bank. Often simply trying again the next day, or just at a later time, is enough.

If you are unsure whether or not a payment went through: To check this you can go to the 'My account' area on the store ( - you may need to login). Scroll to the bottom of the screen and there will be a section titled 'Order History', with the date and time of any orders you've made. If there is no order there for the time you attempted to pay, or it says 'Pending' next to it, then it was not successful. It is only successful if it says 'Paid' next to it.

I am being asked to select a date, and the pop-up calendar isn't appearing
E-Store questionnaire date selector

When you are asked to enter a date, after you click the box, you should see a calendar like the one here, through which you can look for and select a date to enter in the box.

If the calendar doesn't appear, it is probably due to something in your browser settings. Since Java is required for the date selector to work, it could be that it is either not installed on your browser, is disabled, or is being interfered with by something in your browser or internet security settings.

if you know how to check on the status of Java on your computer (your browser's help information may be able to advise you), you can check if there is a problem you need to correct.

If you are not confident with doing that, you could try paying from a different browser (if you have one) or from a different computer entirely. This would hopefully work around the problem.

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