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Student Fee Payments

Student Fee Payments

The Credit Control Department is responsible for the collection of all Tuition and Accommodation Fees invoiced to students and sponsors in line with the college terms and conditions.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have an invoice query - who should I contact?

Tuition Fee invoice:

Residence Fee Invoice:

Please refer the matter to the Reservations Team.

How do I obtain a copy invoice?

When the original invoice was generated, you will have been sent an email with the invoice attached as a PDF version to your college email account. If you cannot locate a copy of this email, you can also view and / or print a copy by logging onto Student Records and click on the 'Student Fee Details' link under the 'My Fees' header.

Note : If you are a Postgraduate Research Student this link is available on the 'Postgraduate Research Students Home Page' tab.

I need the College's bank details to make a direct transfer?

King’s College London strongly discourages students from making direct bank transfers to the college.  

 Students are expected to pay their college fees using one of the three payment methods advertised on our How To Pay webpage.

How do I know if you have received my payment?

Students can check to see if a payment has been received and has been allocated to the fee invoice, by logging onto their Student Records, personal finances page.

Depending on the payment method, it takes different lengths of time to reflect.

Online debit / credit card payments: should reflect within 2 working days of the payment being made. 

UK Open Banking Transfers (GPfS): should reflect within 3 working days of payment being made to Western Union Business Solutions. 

International Bank Transfers (GPfS): should reflect within 5 working days, but please note this is dependent on whether an intermediary bank has been used to transfer the funds to King's College London. 

If your payment does not reflect after this period of time, then we would invite you to notify the credit control department of your payment and the respective payment details by completing the following form

How do I obtain a receipt?

If you made your payment online, a receipt will be emailed to the email address entered during the payment process within a few minutes of your payment being successful.  If you made your payment via a different method, a receipt will be emailed to the email address held within student records the next day after your payment is applied to your student account.   

The receipt sent to the student is the official college receipt.

Should you not receive your receipt, please check your spam/junk folder in case the receipt has been filtered into this folder.

How do I request a fee refund?

Fee refunds must be applied for online, please follow these instructions:

  • Logon to 'Student Records' through the college intranet
  • Locate the container called “my bank details – payments to students”
  • Select the container “My Bank Details – payments to students”.
  • Complete the task called “Fee Payment Refund Request”

Note : If you are a Postgraduate Research Student the link is available on the Postgraduate Research Students Home Page' tab

How long should I wait to receive my refund?

Regrettably, in most instances we are not able to provide you with a precise length of time which you will need to wait to receive your refund, however, please read the following to obtain a better understanding of the timelines involved.

UK Refunds:

On the basis that the credit is reflecting on your account to be refunded, once we have received the completed request from you we would normally try our best to process the refund within 7-10 days. However, if the credit is not reflecting on your student account, Credit Control will not be able to proceed with your request until such a time as the invoice amendments, Rebate or Booking deposit are reflecting on your student account.

Non-UK Refunds:

Once you have submitted your request via the online task and provided all details requested by Western Union Business Solutions, the Credit Control department will then make checks to ensure that you are entitled to the refund. We are only able to release the refund on the basis that the credit is reflecting on your student account and the refund is due. From that point the time frames are dependant on Western Union Business Solutions having received all required information to process the refund into your non-uk bank account and the particular country which the payment is being remitted to.

Card Refunds

If the funds have been returned back to the original card, the student will be notified by email at the point the refund has been initiated. Please then allow around 14 days for the funds to credit the respective card. If you have reason to believe that the refund has failed please contact but DO NOT provide card details in your email for security reasons.

Tuition Deposit Refunds

The deposit allows applicants, i.e. offer holders to demonstrate their commitment to attend their chosen programme of study at KCL.

Payments made toward a tuition fee deposit are generally not refundable if the offer holder chooses not to enrol or is otherwise unable to enrol for reasons within the offer holder’s reasonable control.

Questions about tuition fees deposit refund should be directed to the Admissions Office

Why have I been invoiced instead of my Sponsor / Student Loans Company (SFE) / NHS?

You must provide King's College London with a DfES award letter, Financial Notification award or valid sponsor letter to enable us to bill another corporate body for your fees. Without this document, you will be recorded as a 'self-funding' student and will be sent an invoice and expected to pay yourself.

Where do I obtain a copy of my Award Letter / Financial Notification Letter?

You should contact Student Finance England or DfES for this document and then provide a copy to the Credit Control department via email

I have not received my Student maintenance payment,
what should I do?

You should contact the student funding office to check that the University have all information necessary in order for the Student Loans Company to release it to you.

Can a friend or family member pay my student fees?

Yes, both tuition and residence fee payments can be made by a friend or a family member on your behalf. Please see our payment terms and conditions / methods of payments for further information on how to make a payment

For residence fees, the invoice will always be addressed to the student directly as the tenant.

For Tuition Fees, please note that a friend or family member does not qualify as a “sponsor”. If the sponsor is not a friend or a family member, then the invoice can be addressed to a 3rd party upon receipt of a valid letter of funding from the sponsor


If you have been approached over social media or in person by a 3rd party offering to pay part or all of your college fees then please exercise caution. There are many scams and frauds in operation and we would strongly advise against you handing over a payment to a 3rd party and instead you should always use payment methods and solutions endorsed by the college. Please visit our scams and fraud web page for more information

I need help with my TL11A Canadian Tax form

Student Services can help you to complete section 1 of your tax form. Please note that the tax forms are completed per calendar year not academic year. Therefore, you will not be able to complete a tax form for a current calendar year until January the following year. Furthermore, the form will be completed in £ Sterling, not Canadian Dollars. If you wish to have your tax form completed, please send your request to Student Services along with your name, student ID number, which calendar year your require the form completed for and the address which you wish the completed form to be sent to.

I have paid my Tuition Fee Deposit, but it is not reflecting on my Admissions portal, what should I do?

For queries relating to the information shown in your Admissions Portal, please contact the Admissions Team.

Please be aware that certain payment methods such as bank transfers do not reflect on your Admissions Portal straight away and instead have to be manually updated by the admissions team. Generally, payments usually reflect on your student account within a week, however, the admissions team will check your student account and update the admissions portal to reflect that your deposit has now been paid. If your portal is not reflecting your deposit payment within a couple of weeks we would advise that you either contact the admissions team on the details provided in the link above, or, send the admissions team a message through the admissions portal and they will look into this matter for you. If you simply want clarification that your deposit has been received by the college, you can send an email to providing all the payment details and we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible. However, please note that we are not able to update your admissions portal as this is controlled by the Admissions Team.

Will my fee status remain the same for the duration of my studies?

Your fee status is assessed before the start of the course and normally remains the same for the duration of the course. However, in certain circumstances, fee status can change part-way through a course.

For example, if you are granted refugee status in the UK during your course, your fee status may change from international to home status.

If you qualify for a change in fee status part-way through your course, you will not normally be charged home fees until the beginning of the next academic year.

The Admissions Office recognises that there may be circumstances where fee status decisions may require review following enrolment, for example if a student’s immigration status changes after they enrol.

There are strict criteria surrounding the procedure for contesting fee status following enrolment and these are outline here:

If you feel that you have met the criteria outlined and would like to contest your fee status, you must complete the Fee Status Review Form and submit this, along with scans of supporting evidence to

I am from China and wish to pay my fees by card, how do I proceed?

Students are provided a unique opportunity for to pay through Global Pay for Students, using their China Union Pay Card.



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For particularly sensitive matters, please feel free to book a 30 minute Microsoft Teams video meeting with one of our Credit Control agents to discuss a financial difficulty you may be experiencing. 


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