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Self-Funded Students

Self Funded Students 2020/21

** The information provided below is NOT applicable to those students undertaking a King's online managed distance learning programme.

For payment information on King's online programmes, please click on the link in the menu option to the left of this web page called "King's Online Distance Learning Fees".

Please note: You will be classifed as "self funded" for any part of your fees which you, a friend or family member are paying

When to pay?

When your tuition fee invoice is generated, a copy will be sent by email to your college account and your personal account (if provided). If you cannot locate a copy of this email, you can also view and / or print a copy by logging onto Student Records and clicking on the 'Student Fee Details' link under the 'My Fees' header. Note: If you are a Postgraduate Research Student this link is available on the 'Postgraduate Research Students Home Page' tab. If you cannot access Student Records and wish to obtain a copy of your Tuition Fee invoice, you should send an email to the following email address

Depending on whether you are classified as a Post-Graduate/Undergraduate/Overseas/Home student, your fees are due at different points in the academic year.

Home / Undergraduate classified students
No payment of fees is required ahead of or on enrolment. You will be invoiced for fees at the beginning of December and have until 31st January to make full payment. If you prefer, you can make payment towards your fees before the due date.
Post Graduate and Overseas classified students

Fees will automatically be split into two equal instalments at no extra charge to you. The first instalment is due for payment by 31st October or 14 days after the due date of the invoice, and the second instalment should be paid by 31st January.

PGCE courses

No payment of fees is required ahead of or on enrolment. You will be invoiced for fees at the beginning of December and have until 31st January to make full payment. If you prefer, you can make payment towards your fees before the due date.

Mid Sessional Starters

Your fees will be due in two equal instalments, the 1st within 14 days of the invoice date and the 2nd instalment 3 months later. You can check the due dates your fees have been scheduled for, by accessing "Student Records" through the link on the college internal page 

King's Foundations

Your deposit will be deducted from the invoice with the balance payable by 31st October.

For further information, please refer to:

King's Online Managed Distance Learning Programmes

The invoice for your next module/s will be issued by email to your college account on the first teaching day of each module. You will then be expected to ensure that payment is received in full by the university within 6 calendar days of the invoice date.

Non-Award Short Credit Bearing Courses

Payment must be made to the university in full up front before the student is permitted to enrol. The preferred method of payment is by credit or debit card through the college online payment site



How much to pay?

Tuition Fees for the forthcoming academic year, if not yet invoiced, can be accessed  through the college prospectus, or if you are a “home / undergraduate” classified student, you can also access the information from the student funding web pages. If you have been invoiced and wish to check how much you have left to pay then you can visit your fees page in your student records portal.

You should budget for increases in your tuition fees for subsequent years of no more than 5%. This is reference in the Terms and Conditions which accompanied your offer letter section 10. You can access these documents through your King's Apply account.


Methods of Payment?


1. Credit / Debit Card Online

Credit / Debit Card - payments can be made over the Internet on the KCL Finance web page . Instructions on how to use this facility are also available on this web page.

All payments are in sterling

If you are paying using an overseas card you will likely be provided with two options once you have submitted your card details;

i) to elect to pay using the exchange rate of our aquiring bank, Elavon, or

ii)  to elect to use an exchange rate determined by your card issuer.

Benefits of agreeing to the rate offered by Elavon;

• Elavon best exchange rate guarantee

• Instant visibility of the amount you will pay in your home currency

• No hidden charges

• Acceptance is totally at your discretion

2. Bank Transfer from a UK Bank Account

Transfers from a UK Bank Account can be made into the following account:

Account Name:   Kings College London

Bank: National Westminster Bank PLC, 156 Fleet Street Branch, London, EC4A 2DX

Sort Code:  56-00-13

Account Number: 96707402

Please ensure your Bank quotes your student number and name as the payment reference, and whether its for accommodation fees or tuition fees.

*Please do not accept Bank Account details provided to you in an email nor should you accept any communications from individuals claiming to be representing the University and suggesting te above college bank details have changed. If you are in any doubt, please do contact the University Credit Control Department.

If making a cash or cheque payment in person at a Natwest Bank, you must provide a copy of the Natwest 'deposit receipt' to Credit Control, as soon as possible.  Failure to do this will result in your payment not being reflected on your student account on time.

Once you have completed your bank transfer payment, it should reflect on your student records portal within 3-4 working days. If it does not, then we would like to invite you to provide Credit Control with the details of your payment by completing the online form which can be found at

When using the form please ensure that you are using the above web address and if in any doubt contact


3. Bank Transfer from a Non-UK Bank Account

To obtain an immediate quote to make an international bank transfer, please click Global Pay for Students

King’s College London has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) to enable students with the ability to make secure international payments for their tuition deposit, tuition fees and/or accommodation fees. The service, called Global Pay for Students, is tailored for students to obtain a quote online, containing the details of a local bank account to make the payment to and, importantly, showing an amount in your local currency. This quote and exchange rate is valid for 72 hours for transfer. The quote must be provided to your own bank for payment to be initiated. For more information about the process and the advantages and to obtain a non-obligatory quote please visit

Benefits of Global Pay for Students

Students who wish to make payment of their fees by international bank transfer, are often vulnerable to fluctuating exchange rates and bank charges from both the sending and receiving bank.

Using Western Union Business Solutions to transfer the payment helps eliminate these problems and provides the following benefits;

  • it allows students to obtain a quote containing a guaranteed exchange rate for a period of up to 72 hours to provide to their bank to make the payment.
  • it allows students to make payment of their fees in their own currency giving them transparency and a clear understanding of the cost of their course fee.
  • it ensures that 100% of the funds transferred, reach the college and that no expensive bank charges are deducted
  • it ensures that the payment can be easily identified and allocated by the college giving the student peace of mind
  • it is a secure and quick way to make the transfer ensuring that the college receives the payment promptly 

No additional charges for using this service are levied by King’s College London or WUBS.

By using this service you avoid or significantly reduce the costs incurred to both yourself and King’s College London for making/receiving International Payments

If you are unable to use this solution please send an email to to explain your situation and you will be guided on alternative solutions. Where you are provided with the university bank details, please be aware that the email will always come from and the details will be provided in a secure https url starting and not posted straight into the email. If you are in any doubt about the validity or source of the information, please email

Please note that in the interest of ensuring your payment appears on your account as quickly as possible, we do not accept cheques or drafts as a payment method. Please therefore use one of the alternative payment methods advertised.

What do I do if i'm having difficulties paying my fees on time?

Students are expected to settle their Tuition Fees promptly within the due dates set out in the college general regulations of enrolment and failure to do so can result in college services being suspended.



"College Service Restrictions" applied to your account in the event
of non-payment of academic fees in accordance with the General
Student Regulations

Fees are payable under terms specified in the regulations for the Payment of Fees and Other Charges, by the due dates specified unless special arrangements have been agreed in writing with the Finance Office. The payment of the correct fees is the responsibility of the student.


The College reserves the right to charge interest at a statutory rate, to pass on commission fees incurred as a result of instructing a 3rd party collection agent and to take legal action, through the Courts, to recover any outstanding debts.


In the event of non payment of fees in accordance with College payment terms, debt sanctions will be applied without further notice, until such time as payment is received and cleared by the bank.  It can take five working days to reinstate full access to all College facilities from the date payment is applied to the student's account after which the student can re-set their login passwords at a library helpdesk. So early settlement is advised.

A student who has not settled all outstanding debts for tuition fees or tuition-related fees (e.g. bench fees) will be sent a notification of impending suspension from the Director of Students and Education and given 14 days to make full payment. With immediate effect,


  • access to Student Records will be restricted;
  • coursework / examination results will not be ratified by the School Exam Board and
  • the student will not be permitted to graduate or re-enrol.

Until they are formally suspended, a student who has received a notification of impending suspension will be required to sit examinations/submit coursework, but will not have indicative marks released nor have the marks for any examination or assessment taken ratified by the School Board of Examiners or the Research Degrees Board of Examiners.


A student who fails to make payment within the 14 days of the notification of impending suspension will be suspended from the College. In addition to the above restrictions, the act of suspension from the College means a total prohibition on attendance at or access to the College and the student

  • will not be permitted to sit examinations/submit coursework
  • will not be permitted to use library or computing facilities or  services
  • will not be permitted to attend classes
  • will not be permitted to access Student Records 



Whilst the college does expect you to have secured sufficient funding to settle your tuition / residence fees when they are due for payment , we do recognise that there may be changes in your personal circumstances or unforeseen events, which make it difficult for you to pay on time.


In these situations we would encourage you to contact credit control to discuss your circumstances to see if we can help. Whilst it is important to recognise that the college will not always be able to provide you with terms outside our college regulations, we will look at your request individually, giving consideration to your individual circumstances, the time needed to make payment, your payment history and evidence you are providing to support your request.


Regardless of whether your request for additional time is successful, it is very important that you keep in regular contact with the Credit Control department to ensure that the team is aware of your situation. If you are unable to meet the payment due dates, we will have to apply restrictions to college services (as detailed above),  and whilst these cannot necessarily be prevented as a result of your contact with credit control, it may help in avoiding further action being taken by the college to secure payment.


In addition, King’s College London has a Student Advice Service, available to both prospective and current students which we would strongly encourage you to contact in the event of experiencing difficulties. The team offers a wide range of services in areas such as; guidance in identifying potential sources of funding for your fees and other costs, assistance with interruption / withdrawal procedures, council tax and many others. 


Specialist Advisers can be seen at the four main campuses (Denmark Hill, Guy's, the Strand and Waterloo) but you must book an appointment in advance.



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