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New Staff

New Staff

On this page you can find general information about health and safety arrangements at the College.  These aspects should be covered in more detail through your local induction.  Emergency arrangements (fire, first-aid, accident reporting) should be covered on your first day.  Other information should be covered by the end of your first week.

Note that you will be able to access the internal pages of our website as soon as you receive your e-mail account details and King's ID.

College Arrangements

The College has a health and safety policy and management system to provide a framework within which managers and staff are required to operate.  Health & Safety Services keeps this under regular review and consults widely when developing new arrangements to ensure that these are suitable and sufficient.  You can find more information about the College's arrangements on our internal pages here.

For more information on the role of our office and details of who to contact for advice and information please use this link to our internal pages.

Fire Safety

All College buildings are fitted with fire detection systems which are tested on a weekly basis.  When the fire alarm is tested it should sound for no more than 30 seconds.  You will be told as part of your induction when the test takes place and you will be able to find information about the fire safety arrangements for your building on our internal webpages under "Fire and Building Safety".

If you hear the fire alarm sound for more than 10 seconds you must assume that it is not a test and you must leave the building immediately.  As part of your induction you will be told about the nearest escape routes and where you must assemble until you are told that it is safe to re-enter.

Fire Exit   assemblypoint

All Faculties and Directorates are required to have Evacuation Marshals to ensure efficient evacuation of their areas.  They will wear yellow tabards during an evacuation and you will be expected to follow their instructions.

If you discover a fire you must raise the alarm and warn others in the building by activating the nearest call point and leave the building.  Your nearest call points will be shown to you in your induction.


If you need assistance to respond to a fire alarm please raise this with your manager as soon as practicable so that a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan can be developed for you. 


The College regularly reviews its activities, occupancy and accident records to determine the level of first-aid support in each of its buildings.  All College buildings are covered by first-aid support and as part of your induction you should be told who your nearest first-aiders are and how to contact them.  First-aiders are listed by campus and building on our internal webpages.

If you need to call for an ambulance it is important that you use the appropriate College emergency number so that security can liaise with the ambulance staff on your behalf when it arrives on site.  Information about emergency numbers and security 24-hour telephone lines can be found on the College's internal pages.

Reporting an accident

The College has a web-based accident reporting system to allow staff and students to report an accident or incident that happens during their work or study or whether on College premises or elsewhere.  Reports must be submitted as soon as practicable as our office has to notify some accidents to the Health & Safety Executive.

All accidents are investigated to determine what happened, how and to take measures to prevent it happening again. Once the report has been submitted the system notifies our office and your local safety officer so that the investigation can be undertaken.  The accident reporting system can be accessed from our internal webpages.

Occupational Health and the College's Employee Assistance Programme

The occupational health provider for King's staff is King's College Hospital at Denmark Hill.  Contact details and information about the service is published on our internal webpages.

If you received a health assessment questionnaire with your offer of employment you must complete this and send it directly to occupational health as soon as practicable this is so that any necessary vaccinations etc can be commenced before you start at the College.

If you have a chronic health problem or disability you are encouraged to declare this when you receive your offer of employment (using the Health & Capability Declaration) so that the College can seek advice from occupational health on any measures recommended to assist you in your work.

As part of the occupational health service from King's College Hospital the College has access to an Employee Assistance Programme.  This is a web-based and telephone service providing independent advice on home and work related concerns.  You should receive a wallet card (with the EAP contact details) with your confirmation of appointment.  If you do not receive a card please contact our office and we will send you one.

Computer Workstations (DSE)

If you are reliant on a computer for your work and use it every day you will need to check that your workstation is set up so that you can work comfortably and efficiently.

During your first week at the College read the DSE User Advice Note and then complete the workstation checklist , making adjustments to your workstation as you go.  Once you have completed the checklist pass it must be forwarded to your local DSE Assessor who will review it and address any issues raised.  In the absence of a DSE Assess the completed checklist should be given your your line manager.

If your manager provides you with a laptop to use on a regular basis you should also be provided with appropriate peripherals (keyboard, mouse, laptop stand or docking station) so that you can work comfortably.

More information about the College's arrangements for managing work with display screen equipment can be found on our internal pages.

Health & Safety Roles

Due to the nature of the College's activities there are a variety of health and safety roles to assist the College in meeting its legal obligations and to help managers meet their responsibilities.

Safety Officer:  The Health Schools (Medicine, Biomedical Sciences, Dental Institute and Institute of Psychiatry) each have a full time Safety Manager/Adviser.  Other Schools and Directorates have staff with a part-time safety officer role or as an addition to their normal duties.

Other safety roles are:

  •  Evacuation Marshal and Evacuation Controller
  • First-Aider
  • Biological safety Supervisor, Radiation Protection Supervisor, Laser Safety Officer
  • DSE Assessor, Manual Handling Assessor

More information about these roles can be found on the internal webpages.

Protecting the Environment

King's aims to manage its activities, buildings and estates to promote environmental sustainability, to conserve natural resources and to prevent environmental pollution to bring about a continual improvement in its environmental performance.

When you start work at the College please familiarise yourself with the following as appropriate:


The College has a compliance e-learning system which contains courses on fire safety awareness, work with computers and other topics.  Once you have been provided with your KCL email address you will be able to access and use the system.

Our office provides training on a variety of topics varying from working with DSE to Biological Safety and GM Risk Assessment. This training should be in addition to information and instruction that will be provided to you to enable you to carry out your role.

Training sessions are provided on a termly basis and advertised on our internal pages and the College's training booking system SkillsForge.  We also provide training upon request, such as training for Principal Investigators.

Some training is organised according to need: such as DSE Assessor, Manual Handling Assessor and First-Aider training.  These are certificated courses organised by our office and delivered by external training providers.

More information about health and safety training and a link to SkillsForge can be found on our internal pages.




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