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AKC lecture programme

You are entitled to follow the Associate of King's College course at the same time as you study for your degree. The AKC is unique to King's College London, and is the only course open to students from every department.

Semester 1 2020-21

A series of nine lectures coordinated by Dr Clare Carlisle, AKC Programme        Director and Reader in Philosophy and Theology, King's College London.

The Life of the Mind: What is Mental Health?

We all agree that our mental health is important – but do we all agree on what mental health is? Different cultures offer different conceptions of the human mind, soul, or spirit, and different ideas about what it means to be healthy. This AKC series will explore contemporary western approaches to mental health alongside contrasting ideals of health from other times, regions and cultures. Experts from a range of disciplines will guide you to reflect on scientific, philosophical and ethical questions about the life of the human mind. 


5-9 Oct

Dr Clare Carlisle, King’s College London

The Life of the Mind: A Philosophical Perspective

12-16 Oct

Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft, Kings College London

How is Mental Health Understood in Different Countries and Cultures?

19-23 Oct

Professor Neil Vickers, King's College London

“Shared Life” – Learning from Literature about Mental Health  

26-30 Oct

Professor John Marsden, King's College London

Addiction: Thoughts, Emotions and Behaviours 


9-13 Nov

Dr Ayesha Nathoo, University of Exeter 

Mental Health Within Holistic Medicine: A History of Alternatives 

16-20 Nov

Dr Margaret Hampson, Trinity College Dublin

Plato’s Tyrant: the Unhealthy Soul and Interpersonal Relationships

23-27 Nov

Professor Nikolas Rose, King's College London

Against ‘Mental Health’

30 Nov-4 Dec

Dr Matthew Drage, Warburg Institute

Mindfulness Meditation: Secular Therapy or Religious Movement?

7-11 Dec

The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley, University of Cambridge

Saying More Than We Have To Say: Poetry and the Procreative Mind

Semester II 2020-21

A series of nine lectures coordinated by Dr Daniel Nilsson DeHanas, Senior Lecturer in Political Science and Religion.

Voices in the Wilderness: Leadership in Troubled Times

Leading others can be challenging in any period. In our troubled times, the need for good leadership is heightened and the costs of bad leadership have multiplied. This AKC series finds its inspiration from the lonely itinerant figure of John the Baptist, described in Christian texts as a ‘voice in the wilderness’. Going beyond the Christian tradition, the series will include a range of voices – many of them speaking against the grain – on leadership in religion, politics, the arts, and public health. It will help you think about how to lead with boldness and integrity in our ‘wilderness’ of current  challenges, from gender disparities to Brexit divides, from pandemics to populism.

18-22 Jan

 Dr Daniel DeHanas, King’s College London

Introduction: Leadership in Troubled Times

25-29 Jan 

Professor Vernon Bogdanor, King’s College London

Political Leadership

1-5 Feb

Dr Eka Ikpe, King’s College London

Leadership in 21st Century Africa

8-12 Feb 

Baroness Deborah Bull, King’s College London

The Civic University

15-19 Feb 

Dr Hayley MacGregor, University of Sussex

The Complex Contexts of Epidemic Responses 


1-5 Mar

Professor Rosie Campbell, King’s College London

Women in Political Leadership  

8-12 Mar 

AbdoolKarim Vakil, King’s College London

Community, Race, and Faith: Antiracist Struggles for Justice in the Making of British Values

15-19 Mar 

Rev Dr Ellen Clark-King, King’s College London

Religious Leadership: Learning from the Desert Elders

22-26 Mar 

Dr Sam Greene, King’s College London

Protesting Putin

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