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One of the Dean's roles is as a preacher and speaker on local, national and global issues. He is often in demand as a lecturer and teacher in both academic and church contexts.

Recent sermons & speaking engagements 


The 2019 Warburton Lecture/Sermon - Lincoln's Inn


On Sunday 23 June 2019, the Dean delivered the 2019 Warburton Lecture/Sermon at Lincoln's Inn on the theme of “You have heard that it was said . . . But I say to you”Life, death and the (re-)interpretation of scriptural and legal texts in a time of turmoil (Deut 12.1-14, 28, and 32; Matthew 5.17-26, 38-48).


You can read the text of his lecture/sermon - Warburton Sermon June 2019 (pdf, 213 KB). Listen to the the audio recording here.


Gresham Lectures

Professor Burridge was elected Visiting Gresham Professor in Ethics and Theology in 2018, a prestigious appointment at the oldest centre of higher education in London (founded 1597).

  • About the lectures
  • Money:  The Root of All Evil, or our salvation?  8 November 2018
    Jesus talked more about money than about anything else. Can the teachings of a penniless ancient ascetic be applied to debates about Brexit, protests about global capitalism, and wider investment not only in defence, alcohol or tobacco but also positively in the environment, sustainability and good governance? 
  • Gender, Marriage, Divorce and Human Sexuality  28 February 2019
    Is ‘morality’ principally about sex, or ‘naughty vicars’? Despite Henry VIII, the Church has found divorce difficult, especially for clergy and bishops, let alone ‘equal marriage’ for same-sex couples, the role of women in ordained ministry or transgender issues.   This lecture examines the relevant references in the New Testament (which are surprisingly fewer than references to money or violence) particularly in the context of ancient Jewish and Roman assumptions. Can a ‘biblical’ view of sexuality and gender assist today’s ethical debates?
  • The Meaning, Value and Sanctity of Human Life.  25 April 2019

    Recent advances in medical science have brought complex ethical dilemmas, particularly around the beginning of human lives (abortion, embryo research, IVF, gene therapy, stem cells) and its ending (switching off ventilators, persistent vegetative state (PVS) and ‘dying with dignity’ or assisted suicide).Although none of these topics occurs directly in the New Testament, references to ‘life’ abound, and healing was the centre of Jesus’ earthly ministry. Can our approach enable the Biblical material to assist contemporary medical debates?


Advent Eucharist Service - St Mary le Strand


On Sunday 17 December 2017, the Dean preached and presided at the Eucharist in St Mary le Strand (the church outside the front entrance of King’s Strand campus), where he and the other Anglican priests in the Chaplaincy team are licensed clergy. 

The readings for Advent 3 were Isaiah 61.1-4, 8-11; Psalm 126; 1 Thessalonians 5.16-24; John 1.6-8, 19-28.

You can read his sermon entitled “Preparing for God’s new Advent-ure”


'Blessed are the Meek' - Autumn term Sermon Series on the Beatitudes

On Wednesday 18 October 2017, the Dean gave a sermon on Psalms 37.1-11 and Matthew 5.1-5 as part of our Autumn term Sermon Series on the Beatitudes. 

You can read his sermon here.


Premier. Christian Radio - Unbelievable? Why are there differences in the Gospels?  

The show aired on Saturday 17 June 2017 at 2.30pm on Premier Christian Radio and is available to hear here.

The Dean and Mike Licona explore the differences between the same stories, words and timelines in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - differences which have been noted since the early days of the Church. Do the differences put the historical reliability of the Gospels into question? 

Mike Licona is a New Testament scholar whose work builds on the scholarship of the Dean (see What are the Gospels?).


Vatican Radio interview

In mid-April 2017, the Dean was interviewed by Vatican Radio on the occasion of Pope Emeritus Benedict’s 90th birthday to offer a tribute as a previous Ratzinger Prize winner.

You can listen to his interview here.

You can also listen to a previous interview here that he gave in 2013, the year in which he was awarded the Ratzinger Prize winner.


All Saints' Anglican Church, Rome


On Sunday 5 March 2017, the Dean gave a sermon at All Saints' Anglican Church in Rome (1st Sunday of Lent). This followed one week on from a visit by Pope Francis to the church, the first time a Pope has visited an Anglican church in Rome (part of All Saints’ 200th anniversary celebrations).

You can listen to his sermon here.


I Am With You Always: The Gospel According to Matthew


On Saturday 28 January 2017, the Dean led a study afternoon as part of the St Paul's Cathedral 'How to read the Bible' series. 


The Gospels are ancient biographies, each with a different portrait of Jesus. Matthew portrays Jesus as the new Moses, the new leader of Israel, come to fulfil the law and the prophets. It is here we find the great passages of teaching, including the Sermon on the Mount, the parables of the Kingdom and the teachings about the church.


Probably written in the mid 80s AD after the terrible destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple, Matthew draws on Mark’s earlier Gospel and expands it, asking searching questions about the meaning of Jesus’ life and teaching at this time of desolation, caring for his readers in the midst of their painful separation from the synagogue. In this study afternoon, the Dean explored Matthew’s particularly Jewish portrait of Jesus and what it brings distinctively to our understanding of him and of our faith.


For the handout of the lecture, see Matt Jesus 4G1J Hdt St Pauls 2017  and for the powerpoint slides see WAG4G1J St Paul's Matt Jesus

deanpreach (2)Sermons

Dean preaches at Worcester College, Oxford

On Sunday 22 May 2016, the Dean preached on the Trinity at the Choral Evensong service at Worcester College, Oxford.

You can read his sermon here (pdf, 228 KB) or on the Worcester College website here.

Spring Sermon Series - End of Term Sermon from the Dean

On Wednesday 30 March 2016, the Dean gave the final sermon of the term on the topic of the resurrection of Jesus (Matt. 28) at the College Eucharist service in the Strand Chapel. 

You can read the Dean's sermon here. (pdf, 207 KB)

For all the Saints - and where do ordinary folk like us fit in?

On All Saints' Sunday, the 2nd of November 2014, the Dean, who is also Canon Theologian of Salisbury, gave a sermon based on the opening hymn 'For all the Saints'  and readings from 1 John 3. 1-3 and Matthew 5. 1-12. You can listen to the Dean's sermon here.

St Mary's Barnes Annual Friends' Choral Evensong

The Dean gave a sermon at St Mary's Barnes on Sunday 12 October 2014.

You can listen to the Dean's sermon here

150 Years of Holiness and Wisdom

On Saturday 7 June 2014, a service of Choral Matins took place as part of the Alumni Weekend to celebrate the Chapel's 150th Anniversary.  The service was led by the Revd Tim Ditchfield, College Chaplain, and the Dean delivered a sermon entitled 150 Years of Holiness and Wisdom.

You can read the Dean's sermon here (PDF 263 KB).

The Physician's Gospel

On Thursday 17 October 2013, the Dean gave the sermon at the service welcoming the Revd Stephen Stavrou as Chaplain to the Guy's Campus.  The sermon was entitled The Physician's Gospel (PDF, 424 KB).

The service was attended by the Bishop of Southwark, the Principal and staff and students from across the College. You can download the order of service here (PDF, 1.04 MB).

Ascension Day 2012

The Dean gave the sermon for the BBC Ascension Day Service on Thursday 17 May 2012.  The sermon was broadcast live from St Sepulchre-without-Newgate (the Musician's Church).  You can listen again to the service here and find a transcript of the sermon here (doc, 20 KB).

Ascension Day Congregation booklet draft


The Year of the Bible

As part of the celebrations marking the 400th Anniversary of the King James Version of the Bible, the Dean preached at Southwark Cathedral (Sunday 23 October 2011) and Westminster Abbey (Sunday 30 October 2011).  The transcripts of the sermons can be found below:

Southwark Cathedral, Bible Sunday, 23 October 2011 (doc, 52 KB)

Westminster Abbey, 30 October 2011 (doc, 22 KB)

Mulligan Sermon

On Sunday 8 May 2011, the Dean preached the Mulligan Sermon for the Honorable Society of Gray's Inn.

The Mulligan Sermon, Gray's Inn Chapel, 8 May 2011 (doc, 37 KB)

DearingLectures & teaching

2017 W.C. Dobbs Endowed Lectureship in Applied Christianity

On Thursday 17 November 2016, the Dean delivered the 2017 W.C. Dobbs Endowed Lectureship in Applied Christianity at the George W. Truett Seminary at Baylor University, Waco, Texas, entitled “Finding the One Jesus through Reading the Four Gospels”.

You can find out more about the lecture here.

You can watch a video of the lecture here.

2015 Dearing Memorial Lecture

The Revd Canon Professor Richard A Burridge, Dean of King's College London, delivered The Cathedrals Group 2015 Dearing Memorial Lecture in London on Thursday 12 November of that year. Entitled 'Church foundation, pluralist present, uncertain future? The role and calling of faith-based institutions in Higher Education today', the lecture posed a range of questions for CG institutions, including what contribution Christian foundations might make in terms of international relations and global politics in the light of growing recognition of the importance of religion in understanding our world in the Twenty-First Century. 

You can download and listen to the lecture

You can view the slides that accompanied the lecture here. (pdf, 3.62 MB)

You can read the press release on the Independent Catholic News website here

You can visit the Dearing Memorial Lectures page here

You can also read the lecture blog post here.

2015 Chelmsford Theological Society Lecture

On Wednesday 20 May 2015, the Dean delivered the Chelmsford Cathedral Theological Society Lecture (in association with the Montgomery Trust).

You can watch the lecture here. (YouTube)

Ethical Dilemmas and the Bible - Mexico

The Dean and his wife, Dr Meg Warner, presented a series of lectures in November 2014 in Mexico. You can read about and view a video regarding these lectures here.

Inaugural lecture as Professor of Biblical Interpretation

The inaugural lecture of the Revd Professor Richard Burridge as Professor of Biblical Interpretation was entitled:

(Re-) tell me the old, old Story: Narrative, Genre and the Bible

This lecture was given on Thursday 12 May 2011 in the Edmund J Safra lecture theatre at King's College London.

You can listen to a podcast of the lecture which also includes Professor Sir Richard Trainor's welcome and introduction as Principal of King's College London and the response by Professor Andrew Lincoln, Portland Professor of New Testament Studies at the University of Gloucestershire, and previous President of the British New Testament Society

Inaugural Lecture Slides

22nd Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture

The Twenty-Second Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture was given by Revd Professor Richard Burridge, the Dean of King's College London, on Thursday 10 May 2007.  The lecture was entitled 'Being Bibilical? Slavery, Sexuality, and the Inclusive Community'.

Click here to download the transcript for The Twenty-Second Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lecture (doc, 112 KB).

The themes of the Dean's lecture are explored in depth in his book Imitating Jesus.

For other lectures please visit the Westminster Abbey website.

The Eric Symes Abbott Memorial Lectures are given in memory of Dean Eric Symes Abbott (1906-1983), who was at various times Dean of King's College London, Warden of Lincoln Theological College, Warden of Keble College Oxford, and Dean of Westminster.

Past lecturers have included Lord Williams, the Rt Hon Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, and the playwright David Hare.

Inaugural lecture as Dean of King's College London

Professor Burridge's inaugural lecture as Dean of King's College London was entitled:

The King's Values?  Consumer Culture and Higher Education

The lecture was delivered on Monday 9 October 1995 and you can read a copy of the lecture here.

TheDeanSpeaks (3)Speaking engagements

'A Shared Vision for London' event, chaired by the Dean

P4192830 (2)On Tuesday 19 April 2016 at 6.30pm in the Crypt of St Paul's Cathedral, the Dean chaired 'A Shared Vision for London'. 

The event was organised in partnership between CoVi and St Paul's Institute, and arranged questions around crowdsourced themes and audience participation to develop consensus from the great, the good and the everyday citizens in order to bring together a shared vision for the future of London.

Can we make London liveable for all, not just the wealthy? How can London continue to be a beacon of prosperity and diversity to the world and not isolate itself from the rest of the country? Where is the shared narrative that we can rally around in order to live, work and create together most effectively? What might be holding us back, and who can we look to for new forms of leadership and community expression?

There were 5 Speakers on the panel:

  • Alison Gelder - Chief Executive, Housing Justice
  • Danny Kruger - Chief Executive, West London Zone
  • Bharat Mehta OBE - Chief Executive, Trust for London
  • Jasvir Singh - Co-Chair, Faiths Forum for London; Founding Chair, City Sikhs
  • Sophie Walker - Mayoral Candidate, Women's Equality Party

You can watch and listen to the panel discussion by clicking on either of the below links:

St Paul's Institute: A Shared Vision for London


University of Chester - 'Foundation Hour' address & Founders Day Sermon

On Wednesday 16 March 2016, the Dean gave an address focusing on the University's ethos, which is derived from their CofE origins and offered a Christian perspective of education and the idea of a Christian University.

On Thursday 17 March 2016, the Dean gave a sermon at the annual Founders Day service which is attended by the University Council as well as staff and students.  The act of worship included hymns, readings, an anthem from the University choir, intercessions and the staff long-service awards, an affirming aspect of the day. His sermon focused on the University's ethos.

You can read the Dean's sermon notes here. (pdf, 354 KB)

Beyond Belief: Storytelling in Christianity

BloxhamOIn a special programme recorded at the the Bloxham Festival of Faith & Literature, William Crawley and guests, including the Dean, explore the rich history of Judeo-Christian storytelling.


How old are some of the most popular and familiar biblical stories and where did they come from? How important has the telling, re-telling and adaptation of stories been throughout the history of Christianity? What challenges do they pose to people of faith?

Other guests include: Canon Dr Edmund Newell, Dr Irving Finkel and Dr Francesca Stavrakopolou. 

The programme was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 on Monday 7 March 2016 at 4.30pm. 

You can listen to the recording here.

'Not in God's Name' by Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks - a Panel Discussion

The Dean chaired a panel discussion on Lord Sacks’ book “Not in God’s Name” on Wednesday 24 February 2016. The panel included Dr Carool Kersten, Dr Meg Warner, and Prof Paul Joyce from the Theology Department, the former MP and Cabinet member Douglas Alexander, Dr Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation, as well as the Principal, the Dean, and Rabbi Sacks himself. 

You can watch, or listen to, the discussion here.

King's Today - Christmas Special 2015 - Interview with the Dean

Christmas Special - Dean Interview by Kingstoday on Mixcloud

Chaplaincy - Thought for the Week Podcast
Life of Brian and the Dean

On Monday 30 December 2013, the Dean spoke on BBC Radio 4's the Today Programme about the controversy sparked in 1979 by Monty Python's Life of Brian.  The Today Programme featured a conversation with John Cleese and Michael Palin as they prepare for the Pythons reunion later that year.

Life of Brian 2The Dean also gave a paper at a conference held in June 2014 organised by King's College London Department of Theology and Religious Studies entitled Jesus and Brian - or: what have the Pythons done for us?


You can catch up on the debates here:

John Cleese, Michael Palin and Richard Burridge Life of Brian debate reflections (YouTube)

BBC News article

Telegraph Interview

The Jesus Blog

Video of the Dean interviewing John Cleese and Terry Jones  (YouTube)

More recently, a book on the conference, Jesus and Brian, launched in September 2015. You can purchase the book on Amazon or from Bloomsbury.

Life of Brian

Climate Change and the Common Good: The Cultural Challenge

On 27 April 2015, the Dean chaired an event titled, 'Climate Change and the Common Good: The Cultural Challenge') hosted by the St Paul's Institute which took place at St Paul's Cathedral. 

Watch the video

CofE divestment from thermal coal and tar sands

On Thursday 30 April 2015, The Church Commissioners and The Church of England Pensions Board announced the £12million divestment from thermal coal and tar sands.

To coincide with this, the Dean featured in a short film alongside Edward Mason, Head of Responsible Investment at the Church Commissioners and discussed the new climate change policy from a theological, investment decision-making and engagement perspective.

Watch the short film

Read the Dean's blog

St Paul's Forum

On Sunday 2 March 2014, the Dean spoke at St Paul's Cathedral Sunday Forum on his book Four Gospels, One Jesus?

The St Paul's Forum is a Sunday lunchtime series in which some of the liveliest contemporary theologians and spiritual teachers speak about the challenges, contradictions and joys of being a Christian in the world today. 

Other speakers at the Forum have included the Rt Revd Stephen Cottrell, the Revd Canon Mark Oakley and the Revd Professor Alister McGrath.

Watch a video of the Dean's presentation

The role of ethical investment

In February 2014, the Dean gave an interview on the role of ethical investment in the Church of England.  

Article in The Guardian

The Dean was (2010-2015) Deputy Chair of the Church of England's Ethical Investment Advisory Group.

Centre for Public Christianity

Whilst in Australia in 2012, the Dean gave a series of interviews for the Centre for Public Christianity focusing on how his biographical-literary approach to the gospels applies to important ethical questions today.  Videos of these interviews are available to view on the Centre for Public Christianity website:

Video 1: Truth Telling

Video 2: The Last Shall be First

Video 3: Real Life: Jesus and the Key to Human Flourishing

Video 4: God, Materialism and the Common Good

Video 5: The True Nature of the Gospels

How can the academy help the church with the Bible?

On Monday 7 November 2011, the Dean gave a talk titled, 'How can the academy help the church with the Bible?' in the College Chapel on the Strand Campus at King's College London. 

You can watch the talk here (YouTube).

Churches Higher Education Liaison Group

The Dean gave the closing address at the Churches Higher Education Liaison Group Conference (CHELG) on Thursday 8 September 2011 at High Leigh Conference Centre in Hertfordshire.

The address was entitled: Sustaining Community: in the Church, the University and the World (in the Light of the Government's White Paper).

CHELG is the national consultation body for Higher Education Chaplains.

Click here to download the CHELG closing address (pdf, 566 KB)

Ethical Investments Advisory Group - News Corporation phone hacking scandal

On Saturday 9 July 2011 the Dean conducted a telephone interview live on BBC News on behalf of the Ethical Investments Advisory Group (EIAG).

The focus of the interview was on the Church of England's intention to disinvest from News Corporation unless senior executives were held to account in the light of the investigation into the phone hacking scandal.

You can listen to the interview here (YouTube video).

Year of the Bible

On Friday 12 February 2010 the Dean spoke to the General Synod of The Church of England as part of an important debate on the Bible.

He presented the case, then unanimously ratified by the Synod, to declare 2011 The Year of The Bible.

Click here to download the transcript of the speech(doc, 31KB) and read the subsequent report by the Church Times (doc, 58 KB)

The Dean talks on the gospels of Luke and John

In late 2009, the Dean recorded a talk on the gospel of Luke and another on the gospel of John.

You can listen to the talk on the gospel of Luke here. (YouTube)

You can listen to the talk on the gospel of John here. (YouTube)

Remember me: a meditation for 9/11

On a tour of the USA, the Choir of King's College London sang Choral Evensong in the National Cathedral, Washington DC to commemorate 9/11 on its 8th anniversary, Thursday 11 September 2009. The Dean preached at the service.

Listen to this now.  The sermon is from 56 - 1hr 13.  the choir sings Allegri's Miserere from 13'30" to 24'40"

Click here to download the sermon 'Remember me: a meditation for 9/11' (pdf, 96 KB) 

Meditation for Epiphany

The Dean offered two meditations for the BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong service, recorded live from King's College Chapel for the Feast of Epiphany, Wednesday 6 January 2010.

Click here to download Epiphany Meditations (pdf, 16 KB)

Value and a crisis of values

The Dean gave a talk about the significance of Higher Education at the Colleges & Universities of the Anglican Communion (CUAC) Conference on Wednesday 27 May 2009.

Click here to download the CUAC Keynote Outline (pdf, 100 KB)

RAB Award (2)Prizes

The Dean is awarded the 2013 Ratzinger Prize for Theology by Pope Francis

RAB and Pope

The Dean was awarded the 2013 Ratzinger Prize for Theology by Pope Francis on Saturday 26 October 2013 and is the first non-Catholic to receive this prestigious award. The Dean received the Ratzinger Prize from Pope Francis at the end of a Conference about Ratzinger’s books on Jesus held in Rome.]


The Dean was awarded the 2013 Ratzinger Prize for Theology by Pope Francis on Saturday 26 October 2013 and is the first non-Catholic to receive this prestigious award. The Dean received the Ratzinger Prize from Pope Francis at the end of a Conference about Ratzinger’s books on Jesus held in Rome.]


You can read the King's College press release here.

The Dean on receiving the Ratzinger Prize (YouTube)

The announcement from the Vatican (YouTube)

Anglican recipient of the Ratzinger Prize (YouTube) 

You can also read an article on this significant achievement written by The Very Revd Ian S. Markham (Dean and President, Virginia Theological Seminary) here.


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