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Programme and Module Approval and Modification

Module approval


The process for module approval is conducted via an online system called OPAMA (Online Programme and Module Approval), which is accessible via student records. Faculty consideration and approval is undertaken via the system.

If you are unsure of what you should be noting at any time during the process then please consult the Quality Assurance Handbook or the guidance documents that are available below.

The procedures are available on the College Governance Zone

Approval for modules

Module approval is completed via OPAMA, which is available via student records.  If you do not have access to student records then please see your Faculty (Institute/School) Administrator.

OPAMA User Guides 

The following user guides have been produced to assist users of OPAMA at any time of the process:

If you have any issues in relation to the technical side of OPAMA then please contact IT Services; queries regarding the information being asked for please contact the Academic Regulations, Quality and Standards office

Modules with research requiring ethical risk assessment

For modules with research as part of the module please complete the Taught Course Practical Checklist for determining where the approval resides for this research element.


Notes and guidance

Notes and guidance to assist with module development

To assist with the development of modules, Notes of Guidance have been produced to aid the development of the module. The guidance notes have been incorporated into Notes of Guidance chapter of the procedural handbook.  These guidelines include:

  • Guidance on risk and ethics assessment in the design of modules;
  • Guidance on the production of module approval and modification forms, which includes guidance on equality of opportunity;
  • Guidance on flexible and distributed learning;
  • Guidance on the operation of collaborative teaching activity;
  • Guidance on student placements;
  • Definitions of collaborative activity



Educational Learning aims and outcomes appears to have limited characteristics?

The Educational Aims and Learning Outcomes editable text fields on the module approval task are both set at the maximum possible for the SITS field: 64,000 characters. This corresponds to approximately 6,400 words, (or about 8 pages of A4 typescript) for each field.

I can't find the module that has been sent on to the panel/Faculty administrator.

In this instance you should contact IT Services.

How do I retrieve work that I have already started and saved to come back to?

In "My online tasks" section of the system you will find the work that you have already started.  Click on the relevant task to be worked on.  Do not set up a new record as this results in multiple records on the system.

Can I change the module code?

The module code can be changed up until you have submitted the module.  Once the module has been submitted then the module code can only be changed via the module modification process.

The text looks weird/is missing in the PDF.

SITS does not accept certain characteristics, in particular the use of "&". Make sure that the text being copied over does not include & or ".

Can I run a report off to show what modules have been approved?

Yes. There is a function for running off reports and you should consult the user guide "OPAMA reports" to show how this is managed.

My module has disappeared

Before contacting IT check the MAV or MAB Screen on SITS (if unsure what these are contact your administrator). If the module is not on these screens then check that the module has gone through all the stages of approval (contact your SQA) and been "transferred" to SITS. If the module has gone though all the stages and is still not showing on SITS then contact IT services.

I cannot see my modification has gone through

Modifications to modules are always updated on the MAV screen; if you are looking for the modification to be updated on the MOD screen then this screen is only updated annually (begining of September).  You should therefore check the MAV screen to confirm that the modification has been transferred onto SITS.

I wish to be added to the notifications list

Only your SQA can update mailing lists for notofications of approvals.  If you wish to be added to the list please contact your SQA.  If you wish to added to the notification list following Stage 5 approval (PDAC approval) then please contact the Quality, Standards and Enhancement office.

I am leaving King's and am registered as a user on OPAMA

Please contact your SQA and ask them to remove you from the system


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