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Case Studies

Case Studies

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Laboratory Sustainability Awards: How KCL Facilitates Sustainable Science

Our Lab Sustainability Awards programme is conservatively estimated to have saved at least £150,000, with over 85% of labs at King's participating.

Find our more about the impact that Sustainability Champions have had at King's.

Timers - An easily replicated project that allows for quick savings

Due to the shared nature of many laboratories at King’s, some pieces of equipment, including energy-intensive ones, were often left on unnecessarily for extended periods of time. By installing 50 timers across laboratories, King’s Sustainability has achieved savings of ~£3,100 per year at a low cost.

Find out more about the installation of the timers.

Savawatt Installation - Energy saving devices for fridges and freezers

Savawatt devices are fitted to equipment such as fridges and freezers, and have shown to reduce energy consumption of fridges by ~14%. King’s Sustainability has invested £38,000 to install these devices across laboratories. With estimated annual energy savings of ~£15,000 and a lifespan of 10+ years, Savawatt devices are expected to result in significant energy savings. 

Find out more about the installation of the Savawatt devices.

Cold Storage - Policy changes at King's

Cold storage across all King’s campuses results in high annual energy costs. By introducing its first Cold Storage Management Policy, King’s is hoping to reduce these costs through more efficient equipment, better maintenance, and good practice methods. 

Find out the Cold Storage Management Policy.

Recycling - Laboratory Plastics

A number of the materials frequently used in labs can be recycled but typically end up in the general or clinical waste stream. Improving signposting within the lab and engaging with local waste management offers the scope for significant reductions in the amount of plastic otherwise headed for incineration

Find out more about how to introduce plastic recycling

Cold Storage – Replacement of inefficient equipment

King’s Sustainability assisted in the purchase of 10 new, efficient stand-up fridges and freezers to replace 30 inefficient under-bench units. This resulted in a 48% increase in space for samples, as well as a 30% energy saving.

Find out more about the replacement of under-bench cold storage.

Drying cabinet exchanges

After an assessment of laboratory equipment it was established that many drying cabinets were old models which were inefficient and quickly losing heat and energy. Replacements and alternative solutions were offered by the King's Sustainability Team.

Find out more about the exchange of drying cabinets.

Fume cupboard face velocity control

The face velocity of fume cupboards across King's were assessed to review efficiency solutions to save energy and money.

Find out more about controlling face velocity of fume cupboards.

Guy's Cancer Centre - The Ideal Laboratory

 A King's Lab Manager used the move of his laboratory into Guy's Cancer Centre as an opportunity to implement improvements to the sustainability and efficiency of the laboratory.

Find out how he did it.

Fume Cupboard Flow - Saving Energy in Laboratories

The flow rates of fume cupboards across King's were surveyed in order to assess their impact. By reducing flow rates and converting fume cupboards from fixed flow the project has saved an estimated £3,800 per year.

Find out more about how flow rates can save energy in labs.

Waterless Condensers – Saving Water and Reducing Risk in Laboratories

Waterless condensers have saved King's an estimated £3,300 in water costs, or more than 1,500m3 of water per year as well as reducing the risk of floods.

Find out more about waterless condensers.

Sustainable Practice in Pharmaceutical Teaching Labs

Our Pharmaceutical Teaching Labs have gone above and beyond in ensuring that not only are their labs as sustainable as possible, but also helping next generation of scientists to conduct sustainable science wherever they go.

Find out more about their achievements.


Please contact Sophia Courtney or if you have any questions on these case studies or wish to be involved in future projects. 



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