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Sustainable Lab Awards

On 6 July 2016, the Sustainability Team hosted the first King's Sustainable Lab Awards, as part of the larger NUS Green Impact Awards.



Kat Thorne, Head of Sustainability 

10 teams participated in the awards, which utilised the Sustainability Team's environmental assessment framework to evaluate labs for their efficiency and sustainability. 8 of the teams were awarded bronze with the remaining two achieving silver awards. The awards featured peer-audits and new teams received local support from the estate. 


Nick O'Donnell, Director of Real Estate Management, opened the event, discussing some of the fantastic work that was accomplished, including PhD Candidate Beatriz Padilla's work on improving tissue culture management in the Franklin-Wilkins Building. Their ULT freezer was almost full, but instead of buying a new freezer or having to out-source, through the scheme the team were able to create 40-50% more space by auditing the samples they have and putting less strain on the freezers by cleaning the dirty filter. The result achieved did not only avoid purchase and running costs of a new ULT freezer, but also saved on the one they already owned.

Two pioneering teams were awarded silver awards in their first year. Lab Manager, Bernard Freeman, and PhD Candidate, Sandhya Anantharaman helped to achieve this with their in-house designed online lab management tools. Women's Health also achieved silver through note-worthy engagement and expressed a desire to partcipate in the awards again in the future.

Dr. Pamela Taylor-Harris of the Women's Health Team, which also included Cally Gill and Rima patel, stated, "Women's Health were definitely inspired by lab sustainability and I'm sure we would like to take part again and to continue to imrpove practice in the future."

Next year, the team have plans to grow the number of participants, while aiding the repeating teams to achieve new and improved goals with the aim to bring all labs to a Gold standard.

If you would like to get involved, contact the Sustainability Team at for more information.

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