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Sustainable Travel


As an international university in the heart of London, flying is a necessity for many of our staff and students. Our researchers must fly around the world to share their work and achieve real-world impact as part of our Vision 2029 mission to make the world a better place. But flying is also one of the major and most damaging sources of carbon emissions and climate change.

We also love to fly away on holiday, especially during wet and cold British weather. If there is an alternative to an aeroplane, it is much more sustainable. It also saves you the hassle of sitting in an airport for hours. Offsetting the emissions from flights can also help reduce the negative impact of flying.

In general, Avoiding flying, where possible, will save time and money, as well as CO2 emissions. But when you have to fly, there are still ways to reduce the impact of those flights, so “When you Jet-set, be sure to Offset."


Reducing the environmental impact of flying: 


Calculate your emissions: there are a number of carbon calculators available online that are free to use and enable you to calculate the emissions from your flights. Search ‘carbon calculators’ and a number of options will appear. Here is one example. 

King's plans to offset

King’s is currently developing a plan to create an offset mechanism for staff and students, as VP Chris Mottershead set out in an email in February 2017. The plan would offer an affordable and trusted method for all of us to offset our emissions, and have a positive impact on the world in the process.

Your plans to offset

There are a range of companies that offer to offset your emissions for a fee. The cost and quality of these schemes varies, so it is important to do some research about them before deciding to part with your money. Here is one example.

Even if you’ll not officially offset your emissions through these payment schemes, there are other things you can do to help; from donating to an environmental charity to committing to eat less meat and dairy products to offset the emissions from your flights.


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