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University laboratories are energy and material intensive, consuming up to 10 times more energy than other academic spaces.

King’s manages a network of research laboratories across our campuses. Within these laboratories, staff are implementing innovative carbon reduction initiatives to help achieve our climate and sustainability ambitions.

While much has been achieved, there is plenty more to do. If you have any ideas, queries, or want to get involved with this growing area of sustainability please contact King’s Climate & Sustainability team.

LEAF at King’s

The integration of sustainable laboratory operations and activities are supported through the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) programme, with the aim of enrolling 100% of our labs.

LEAF provides our research and technical staff with targets and guidance on how they can implement world-class research, while mitigating our impacts on the environment. These actions help labs to save plastics, water, energy and other resources.

By taking part in the programme, laboratories seek to reduce their carbon emissions within an environment that supports research quality.

Access the LEAF framework

If you and your team are part of the LEAF programme, you can access the framework here.

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