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9th International Symposium on Metallomics (ISM9)

Strand Campus, London

Join us online at ISM9 for a transformative exploration of metallomics!

Metallomics is an emerging field aiming to understand the fundamental role of metals in biological systems, from metal dyshomeostasis causing diseases such as neurodegeneration and cancer to theragnostic applications of metals in modern medicine. 

We will be delving in to four major themes:

  1. Human Health: Gain valuable insights into the critical relationship between metals and human health. From population-level impacts to cutting-edge diagnostics and therapeutics, this track has the potential to revolutionise healthcare research.
  2. Environmental Health: Dive into a comprehensive exploration of metallomics in the context of ecosystems and environmental health. Discover sustainable solutions to address pressing environmental challenges.
  3. Emerging Enabling Technologies: Uncover the latest transformative technologies shaping the future of metallomics research. Breakthroughs in applied bioinorganic chemistry, novel instrumentation, and transformative technology will take centre stage.
  4. Regeneration & Sustainability: Tackle 21st-century challenges as we delve into the transformative power of metallomics across crucial sectors. Explore non-exhaust metal emissions in low-carbon transportation, sustainable biomaterial production, and circular economy practices.

Whether you are an established researcher, industry professional, or a student just embarking on your scientific journey, ISM9 promises to be an inspiring and collaborative platform. 

Registration is still open for online delegates.

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