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Trevor Spratt
Trevor Spratt

This is an invitation-only seminar. If you are particularly interested, please get in touch.

This webinar will be led by Trevor Spratt, Professor in Childhood Research and Director of the Children's Research Centre at Trinity College Dublin. It will be chaired by Carl Purcell from HSCWRU, in place of Mary Baginsky, the convenor of the seminar series.

This seminar will review the evidence that multiple adversities experienced in childhood increase the probability of poor lifetime outcomes occurring. With therapeutic responses being increasingly influenced by the traumatic stress model, questions are raised as to the place social work may have in the provision of services which serve to increase resilience so as to positively effect life course trajectories. Trevor’s research interests within social work practice with children and families, include decision making by professionals, how policy objectives are translated into professional practice, the development of child protection systems internationally, and the impact of early adversities in childhood across the life-course.

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Mary Baginsky

Reader in Social Care

Jess Harris

Research Fellow

Carl Purcell

Research Fellow

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