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This presentation will explore the impact of the computing curriculum change in England on underrepresented groups. Using studies of national datasets, Dr Peter Kemp's research shows that the introduction of computing, the increased focus on computer science and the reduction in ICT provision, have coincided with decreased access to digital skills education. This reduction has disproportionately affected girls, working class students and some ethnic groupings.

Additionally, his work on student performance highlights concerns about achievement of girls in computer science and other STEM subjects. This presentation raises questions about curriculum design and digital equity in England, suggesting methods that could be adopted to increase uptake and performance in computing.

The presentation will be online in Microsoft Teams. Please email Dr Richard Brock for the link to the event.

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About the speaker

Dr Peter Kemp is Lecturer in Computing Education at King's College London, where he runs the PGCE in Computing. His research interests include digital equity, digital arts education, curriculum design, and creativity and computing.

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Peter Kemp

Senior Lecturer in Computing Education