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Please note: this event has passed

This is a hybrid event; attendees can either join in person or on Zoom. If the latter, please click on the 'Register for this event' button in the top right corner of this webpage, and fill in the form.

If you would prefer to attend in person, the seminar will take place in Room G/8, in the Waterloo Bridge Wing of Franklin Wilkins Building, King's College London, Stamford Street, SE1 9NH. If you are not a member of CRESTEM, please email to RSVP.


This presentation suggests how conceptual change could play a powerful role in improving teaching that enables young people to take a well-informed stance towards collective (economic and political) action to combat climate change.

Prof Lundholm will i) take account of theories of the process of conceptual change, including the warming trend; ii) build a view of how social science understanding may be related to support for collective action, given insights from theoretical evidence using the theory of Value-Beliefs-Norms for action (Stern, 2000) from social science education, and iii) use the Model of Educational Reconstruction (Duit et al., 2012) to highlight some important implications for research and teaching in this important topic.

Speaker: Prof Cecilia Lundholm

Cecilia Lundholm is a professor in Educational Science with a specialisation in Teaching and Learning in the Social Sciences. Her interests concern conceptual change and instruction in the social sciences and climate and geography education. Her research focuses on the role of social science knowledge for policy support in relation to climate change, that is, large scale collective action problems, and for developing agency and hope among students.

This talk was part of the CRESTEM seminar series.

Event details

Room G/8
Waterloo Bridge Wing, Franklin Wilkins Building
Stamford Street, SE1 9NH