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Online Seminar

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Part 1: Zeynep Demir: Othering

Zeynep Demir will explain the concept of Othering: Othering begins with the assumption of non-belonging. What does this mean for Muslims today and how is othering framed in terms of anti-Muslim racism? Thus, in the presentation, a postcolonial psychological understanding will be made for further insights in research in the context of othering.

Contact: Twitter: @zeynepdemirmsc

Part 2: Dr. Jane Jones: Decolonisation the Curriculum

Exploring our own experiences and reflections on the decolonising of the curriculum project. Decolonising Curriculum for MFL project outcomes.

Moderated by

Tanya Linaker & Dr. Christina Richardson

At this event

Jane Jones

Senior Lecturer in Education

Tanya Linaker

Team Leader for Slavic and Middle Eastern Languages

Christina Richardson0079

Senior Lecturer in Language Education

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