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Colourism – skin shade prejudice in which people of colour with light skin are privileged over those with darker skin shades – is a social justice issue for People of Colour across the world. Until now there has been no major sociological study exploring colourism and its impact in the UK.

What is colourism and how does it affect people of colour in the UK? Join Dr Aisha Phoenix to explore the origins of skin shade prejudice, its complexities and what can be done to address it.



Dr Aisha Phoenix is a Lecturer in Social Justice in the Faculty of Social Science and Public Policy at King’s College London. She conducted the first major sociological study on colourism in the UK with Dr Nadia Craddock. She has written articles on colourism and has also been featured in podcasts and documentaries on the topic. 


This event is part of the Entrepreneurship Institute’s ‘Festival of Disruptive Thinking’, a week-long series of online events (21st – 25th November) showcasing and celebrating the disruptive thinking happening in and around King’s – from pushing forward new ideas, innovating and challenging a status quo. Join us and be inspired to be a change-maker! See other events in the series

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Aisha Phoenix

Lecturer in Social Justice