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What food systems change do we need? How can we transform it to benefit both people and planet?

This event will bring together four inspiring speakers to discuss these questions. Nathanial Matthews (CEO at the Global Resilience Partnership), Sukanta Sen (Executive Director at the Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge), Sophie Healy-Thow (youth activist, Global Youth Campaigns Coordinator at GAIN Health, and co-founder of the Act4Food campaign), and Arielle Vetro (Food Wave campaign lead at ReLondon) will explore the why and how of food systems change.

The panellists will each give a 10-minute presentation, followed by a discussion and Q&A. There will also be a representative from King’s Food to offer an update about sustainability in their work.

This seminar is part of a series that runs monthly between October ‘21 and June ’22 covering some of the biggest topics in sustainability. If you would like to stay in the loop about upcoming seminars, please sign up here. These seminars are linked to the KEATS Sustainability module which we are piloting this year. You can enrol on the module here.

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