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Please note: this event has passed

'Wargaming Week 2024: Wargaming to Support Operational and Doctrinal Success' in partnership with NATO Allied Command Transformation will feature a range of activities that support the Wargaming Network's core mission of the expansion and democratisation of wargaming as a method of inquiry.

Events will showcase the educational wargaming work taking place at King's, including wargames designed by the graduates of Dr David Banks's "Designing Wargames for Education & Analysis" MA module and wargames designed by Dr David Banks, Anna Nettleship and Network staff to inform dissertation and policy research and to support the institutional goals of partner organizations.

Panels and moderated discussions will feature researchers and practitioners in contemporary wargaming and workshops and working groups will showcase the wargame design and academic expertise being developed at King's and external institutions.


16 April

  • Introductory Activities & Welcome Remarks
  • King's MA Wargame Exposition
  • Academic and Professional Wargaming Panels
  • NATO ACT Welcome & Reception

17 April

  • Wargaming Network Design Wargame: NATO ACT
  • Wargame Design Workshop, Dr David Banks
  • Hosted Wargame Expositions
  • "Use of Force in Warfare: Measuring Military Utility with Analytic Wargaming," Keynote Lecture, Anna Nettleship
  • King's Wargaming Network Reception

18 April

  • Analytic Wargame Design Seminar
  • Wargaming Network Design Wargame Playthrough
  • Hosted Wargame Exposition
  • Competitive Strategies Analytic Group Experiment (CSAGE): Surge Quickplay Event
  • Academic Wargaming Workshop
  • Closing Remarks

About King’s Wargaming Network

King’s Wargaming Week is an annual event that was started and run by King’s Wargaming Network. The Wargaming Network is a research group within the School of Security Studies that aims to advance the theory and application of wargaming as a method of inquiry and as a method of learning and teaching. The Network builds on a rich history of King’s wargaming activities. It serves as a hub for the growing community of King’s students and staff studying, researching and applying wargames and simulations that go far beyond just modelling war and conflict across domains such as land, sea, air, cyber and space but also politics, business and health to name a few.

At this event

David Banks

Lecturer in Wargaming

Managing Director of the King's Wargaming Network

James W.E. Smith

Laughton-Corbett Visiting Research Fellow

Aggie  Hirst

Reader in International Relations Theory and Methods

Event details

Strand Campus
Strand, London, WC2R 2LS