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Longevity Week 2022

We are grateful to The Longevity Forum for including this symposium during the Longevity Week 2022 series of events between 14-18 November 2022.

Data-Driven Longevity: Digital technologies for collaborative innovation in the economic environment for healthy longevity

As security threats, isolation policies and lack of financing reduce collaborations worldwide, ARK leads the way on implementing data-driven research infrastructures that help to release the potential of digital assets and speed up the innovation cycle of longevity research. Join us in person at the Waterloo Campus (or online Teams Webinar) for this hybrid Ageing Research at King's (ARK) Longevity Week event.

Recordings of individual talks are available at the bottom of this page

10.00 - 10.20  Arrival (Tea / Coffee)

10.20 - 10.30  Welcome and ARK Overview

Richard Siow, Director, Ageing Research at King's (ARK), King's College London

10.30 - 11.00  Keynote Lecture: Healthy Life Expectancy – What Does The Data Say?

Sarah Harper CBE, Director, Institute of Population Ageing, University of Oxford

11.00 - 11.25  Health Data Exchange Infrastructures 

Davide Zaccagnini, Founder / CEO, Agora Labs

11.25 - 11.50  Distributed innovation: technology solutions for driving data collaborations across organisations, borders and mindsets

Svitlana Surodina, Founder / CEO, Skein, Entrepreneur in Residence, ARK and Researcher, Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences, King's College London

11.50 - 12.15  The Value of Healthcare Data for Clinical Research

Richard Dobson, Head, Biostatistics & Health Informatics, King's College London and Centre for Translational Informatics, NIHR Maudsley Biomedical Research Centre

12.15 - 12.40  Biological Ageing and Consumer Wellness Data - Opportunities and Challenges

Nathan Berkley, Founder / CEO and James Brown, Director of Nutrigenetics, Muhdo Health

12.40 - 13.05  Longevity Centers for Digital Innovation, Research and Data Sharing

Joanna Bensz, Founder / CEO, Longevity Center and International Institute of Longevity

13.05 - 13.20   Psychological Ageing - Implications for Longevity Data Analytics

Deepankar Nayak, CEO, Deep Longevity

13.20 - 13.35  Artificial Intelligence for Drug Discovery and Longevity

Alex Zhavoronkov, Founder and CEO Insilico Medicine

13.35 - 13.55  Democratizing Longevity Research and Data

Rhys Anderson Deal Flow Team, VitaDAO and Research Associate, Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine, King's College London

13.55 - 14.00  Closing RemarksRichard Siow and Svitlana Surodina

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Frontiers in Ageing

We are grateful for continued support by Frontiers in Ageing  Specialty Section on Nutrition in Ageing and Healthy Longevity.

Event details

Room 1.62
Franklin-Wilkins Building
150 Stamford Street London, SE1 9NH