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Please note: this event has passed

N.B This event will be online via Teams. All Kings staff and students have automatic access to this platform. You can download Microsoft Teams to to your phone or any other device. 

Do you have something to say about the impact of climate change? How does the urban environment affect your well-being? What is the one thing you would change to help create a sustainable future?  How is research making a difference?

Ask questions and share your thoughts with 5 top King’s environment researches on current challenges and possible solutions around air-pollution, sea-level rise, the protection of the Amazon, and building resilience

Artist Jenny Leonard will be live-sketching the discussion.

This is a unique opportunity for King's students and staff to discuss the most recent research with 5 environment experts from the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy.

N.B Open to Kings staff, students and alumni only.

Our Panel of Experts:

Dr Camilla Audia, is Senior Research Associate in the Department of Geography, and member of the Centre for Integrated Research in Risk & Resilience. Her research looks at building resilience to climate change and disaster risk reduction system, Rural livelihoods, local governance, institutions and development

Dr Tamsin Edwards is Senior Lecturer in Physical Geography. She is a climate scientist, specialising in testing and assessing uncertainties for climate models, especially for the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheet contributions to future sea level rise.

Prof Octavio Ferraz is Reader of Transnational Law and member of Brazil Institute. Dr Ferraz's research interests are in the field of human rights and development, especially the role and impact of law and courts in poverty, equality and social justice . More recently his research covers environmental law and with a focus on the destruction of the Amazon

Dr Tomas Maltby, is Lecturer in International Politics Tomas’ research focuses primarily on climate and energy policy.  His current research is on London and air pollution, “Under what conditions does concern about air pollution translate into political action? A scoping exercise focused on Poland. ”His research considers understandings of security in the development of climate and energy policy at the European and nation state level.

Dr Kris De Meyer is a Research Fellow in neuroscience at the Department of Neuroimaging and a Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Geography. He specialises in how people become entrenched in their beliefs, how this leads to polarisation in society, and how to overcome this. Kris works with environmental scientists, policymakers and conservation NGOs to support them in communicating more constructively about controversial environmental topics, such as climate change.

Hana Riazuddin is a research student from the Department of Geography and director of The Body Narratives. Her research reflects on questions of young people’s mental health and wellbeing within the wider debate on urban and social transformation. Her current project, Growing up in Neighbourhood Change is co-curated with a team of 16-18 year olds in South London.

Event details

Microsoft Teams
The Exchange
Bush House North East Wing, Aldwych , WC2B 4BG