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For Refugee Week 2023, Anna Virabyan, an award winning migrant artist, will lead an art expression workshop focused on the experiences of forced displacement. Anna will firstly share her approach and methods, as well as art-based projects she has undertaken with individuals impacted by forced displacement. After this, participants will be guided to explore the ongoing dialogue between Art and Self through the charcoal or watercolour medium, and be supported to use artistic patterns, shapes, values of tones, free flow techniques, depths, light and shades, and verbal and non-verbal communication to create meaningful artworks.

Apply to attend via the Sanctuary Workshops application form:

Please note, this workshop is part of the Refugee Week 2023 Sanctuary Workshops. Please sign up using the Sanctuary Workshops application form (using the link above) and indicate that you are applying to attend the Art Expression workshop under Question 18. 


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Find out more about Anna’s work and previous projects with King’s:

View Anna’s art works:

Take part in Refugee Week 2023

To mark Refugee Week, King's is hosting a range of events to highlight and celebrate the many ways that our community responds to the global issue of forced displacement and works to create opportunities for forcefully displaced people. Activities at King’s will include a day of workshops for students and staff, performances, exhibitions, and events involving leading academics, people with lived experience and charities that support refugees and forced migrants.

Sanctuary Workshops (Thursday 22 June)

For Refugee Week 2023, the King’s Sanctuary Team are running a day of in-person workshops on various topics related to the global issue of forced displacement and access to higher education for forcibly displaced students and academics. By taking part, you will learn more about forced displacement and discover ways they can support the many people impacted by this global issue.

For further information, please see the Sanctuary Workshops event page and view the Sanctuary Workshops outline.

Find out more and sign up for the Refugee Week 2023 events

Event details

The Exchange (main space)
The Exchange
Bush House North East Wing, Aldwych , WC2B 4BG