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International responses to global crises such as the current coronavirus pandemic do not occur in a diplomatic vacuum. They build on and tap into long-established relations between nation states in a wide variety of areas.

This panel will explore these relations from a wide variety of perspectives that represent the breadth of research being carried by the scholars in the Defence & Diplomacy Research theme. The presentation will examine the role of multinational, strategic-level defence and security colleges, bilateral relations between China and the UK, the search for common ground and risk reduction in the international non-proliferation regime and multilateral defence cooperation in Europe.

Such a broad view will allow the panel to better understand the underlying factors of the complex international cooperation and competition regarding Covid-19 and explore major developments in the area of defence and diplomacy beyond the immediate crisis.

Panelists and running order


  • Understanding the strategic value of executive-level defence and security college, Dr Duraid Jalili, Lecturer in the Department of Defence Studies.
  • Between trade and geopolitics: Britain’s post-Brexit strategy towards China, Dr Zeno Leoni, Teaching Fellow in the Defence Studies Department.
  • Nuclear Diplomacy: Trends and Future Challenges, Amelia Morgan, PhD student in the Defence Studies Department.
  • How to achieve defence cooperation in Europe?, Dr Bence Nemeth, Teaching Fellow in the Defence Studies Department.
  • The EU Commission and Defence Policy, Sophia Besch, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for European Reform.

At this event

Zeno Leoni

Lecturer in the Defence Studies Department

Bence Nemeth

Senior Lecturer in Defence Studies Education

Ben Jones

Teaching Fellow in European Foreign Policy