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Join us for an insightful panel discussion on the connections between sustainability and artificial intelligence (AI).

Academics from across King’s will explore the multifaceted relationship between AI and sustainable development and consider the sustainability implications of AI. The panel will delve into the potential of AI to address pressing environmental and social challenges as well as considering the inherent risks and sustainability considerations associated with the proliferation of AI.

This event will offer valuable perspectives on harnessing AI for a more sustainable future. Join us at King’s to engage in stimulating conversations and gain expert insights on sustainability and AI.


Professor Frans Berkhout is Professor of Environment, Society and Climate at King’s College London.

Professor Tamsin Edwards is a climate scientist specialising in quantifying the uncertainties of climate model predictions, particularly for the ice sheet and glacier contributions to sea level rise.

Professor Christer Hogstrand is Professor of Molecular Ecotoxicology in the Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine.

Professor Luc Moreau is a Professor of Computer Science and Head of the department of Informatics, at King's College London.

Professor Jonatan Pinkse is Professor of Sustainable Business and the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Business at King's Business School.

This event is in-person only. Please register on Eventbrite. Registration will close at 9am on Monday 20 May.

This event is part of the King's Festival of Artificial Intelligence, running from Tuesday 21 to Saturday 25 May 2024. This event is being co-hosted with the King's Centre for Sustainable Business.

Festival event times may be subject to change. Any changes will be communicated to registrants via Eventbrite emails.

Please note, King's events are free, which means we routinely overbook to allow for no-shows and avoid empty seats. Admission is on a first come, first served basis, so please arrive in good time to avoid disappointment. We will not be able to admit those without tickets or latecomers.

At this event

Frans Berkhout

Assistant Principal (King’s Climate & Sustainability)

Tamsin Edwards

Professor in Climate Change

Christer  Hogstrand

Professor of Molecular Ecotoxicology

Luc Moreau

Head of Department of Informatics

Jonatan Pinkse

Research Director, Centre for Sustainable Business