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Is consumerism compatible with sustainability? How sustainable are brands? And how can we transform the fast fashion industry?

Join this seminar with Jess Francis and Jeanne Bégon-Lours to find out more.

Jess Francis - McCann Worldgroup

Jess Francis is a Senior Global Strategist, UX/Design & Sustainability Practice Co-Lead at McCann Worldgroup - a leading global marketing services company with an integrated network of advertising agencies in over 120 countries and with clients including IKEA, Microsoft XBOX, Mastercard, and L'Oréal.

McCann Worldgroup Truth Central is the global intelligence unit dedicated to unearthing the macro level truths that drive people’s attitudes and behaviors about life, brands and marketing. Jess Francis co-led their global study on unearthing the truth about sustainability, showcasing brands and businesses that have harnessed creativity and human stories to create a better world for people, planet and profit.

As part of the Sustainability Global Practice – a collective of cross-discipline experts and advisors – she helps activate clients, employees and competitors worldwide to drive impact through sustainable beliefs and behaviours.

During this seminar, she will discuss the five shifts businesses need to take in order to progress towards a sustainable future, and where they can start. 


Jeanne Bégon-Lours - Une Nouvelle Vie

Jeanne Bégon-Lours is the co-founder of Une Nouvelle Vie (UNV) - a student-led platform aiming to change youth consumption habits to disrupt the wasteful and exploitative culture of the fast fashion industry.

"According to Business Insider, fashion production comprises 10% of total global carbon emissions, as much as the European Union. It dries up water sources and pollutes rivers and streams, while 85% of all textiles go to dumps each year." (, 2022).

Responding to these issues, UNV believes that the solution to the fast fashion industry is not producing in a sustainable way, but re-using what we already have. They embrace a circular fashion economy and aim to give unwanted old clothes Une Nouvelle Vie - a new life - by upcycling them.

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