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Valuing learning, knowing and understanding - 11 December 2019

Please note that this event has passed.

In this discursive CRESTEM seminar, three members of the group will present thought experiments that prompt reflection on the value of different kinds of learning performance in the science and mathematics classroom.

Katherine will consider cases where knowledge and understanding related to science can have negative consequences for the knower, and ask what we should value in these instances.

Lulu will consider whether learners’ use of tools should shape how we value their performances in the classroom and therefore how we conceptualise the concepts of dependence and interdependence.

Richard will use an application of Searle’s Chinese Room thought experiment to the context of the science classroom to prompt a discussion of what kinds of performances should be valued. The thought experiment will lead to a discussion of reliable belief forming processes and the value of knowledge and understanding.

About the speakers

Katherine Aston is a lecturer in chemistry education and is interested in how people experience value in the practice of chemistry.

Lulu Healy is a professor of mathematics education and is interested in uncovering and challenging exclusionary and oppressive practices that disable and delegitimise learners of mathematics.

Richard Brock is a lecturer in science education and is interested in the nature of knowledge and understanding in science education.

At this event

Lulu Healy

Lulu Healy

Professor of Mathematics Education

Richard Brock

Richard Brock

Senior Lecturer in Science Education

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