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The Collective and Ageing Research at King's (ARK) Innovation Forum

How would our world be different if we owned our own data?

Join us for a moderated discussion with experts on the topic.

Will the much-heralded Web3 actually undercut the power of Big Tech and give us back our data on our terms? Will we be able to share and monetise it on our terms and be empowered. Or will we be further overwhelmed with complexity, jargon and passwords? Or maybe this isn't a major shift at all?

The Collective and Ageing Research at King's are co-hosting an innovation forum to showcase innovators exploring the intersection of Web3, data, IoT, health and consumer tech, and hear from a selection of experts in the field.

Stephen Johnston, Founder, The Collective

Richard Siow, Director, Ageing Research at King's (ARK)

Rosanne Warmerdam, Co-founder & CEO, HealthBlocks BV & The Pando Network

Svitlana Surodina, CEO, Skein Group & ARK Entrepreneur in Residence

Nathan Berkeley, CEO, Muhdo Health

Adam Sobol, Founder & CEO, ThirdWave (Remote)

Sergey Jakimov, Board Member, Longenesis (Remote)

Davide Zaccagnini, Biomedical Development Advisor, Lynkeus (Remote) 

Virtual attendance option: There will be an option to join by Zoom for those who can't make it in person, and the session will be recorded. Details will be provided in the registration confirmation. Please indicate on registration if you'll be remote or in-person so we can manage numbers.

A happy hour will take place after the event (location TBC).

At this event

Richard Siow

Director, Ageing Research at King's

Svitlana Surodina

Entrepreneur in Residence (ARK)