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23 January 2023

Celebrate the King's Global Day of Service by volunteering this March

Join us to celebrate the King’s Global Day of Service and volunteer this March to help make a difference in our local, national, and international communities.

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Each year in March – to mark the day King’s was founded on 25 March – students, staff and alumni take part in volunteering activities across the world for King’s Global Day of Service. Volunteering activities throughout the month can contribute to our total volunteering hours and demonstrate the positive impact that the King’s community has in the world.

In March 2022, the King’s ethos of serving society was stronger than ever with 575 members of the King’s community contributing over 2,900 volunteering hours across 32 countries. King’s students, staff and alumni used their knowledge, skills and experiences to give back and make a difference, from preserving natural spaces in London and coaching basketball, or making survival blankets from crisp packets.

“It is truly inspiring to see the King’s community engaging with volunteering to create positive change. However small an individual contribution may seem, the widespread commitment to serving society makes King's special. Our Global Day of Service allows us to pause for a moment, reflect, and celebrate our students, staff, alumni and local community partners coming together to make a difference."

Louise Gough, Director of Service Strategy & Planning.

Service in action

Service is in our DNA at King’s. We were founded in 1829 with the ethos of knowledge with purpose, and our students, staff and alumni have been making the world a better place ever since. Giving back is an important part of what we do. Whether sharing our time, expertise, experience or connections, helping others through volunteering is one of the ways we can make a difference.

Making a difference

There are many ways that you can give back and meet the needs of King’s diverse communities through volunteering – while also developing your skills, making connections and improving your wellbeing. Evidence shows that volunteering even enhances your life satisfaction.

You could mentor a young person, lend a hand at a foodbank, take action on a sustainability campaign, or make friends with an older person. You could also use Global Day of Service as an opportunity to organise an event for a charitable cause or lend your skills as a trustee for your favourite local charity.

Visit King’s Volunteering online to browse volunteering opportunities and find inspiration on how you can make a difference.

Want to join the effort and volunteer this March? Make sure to log your hours on the King’s Volunteering platform so we can keep track of our positive impact and celebrate your contributions.

Your regular volunteering also counts – so if you already volunteer, log your hours and your volunteering will be counted.



Volunteering opportunities you can do as a one-off

From being a host with FoodCycle, to gardening with Coin Street Centre - check out the one-off opportunities on the King's Volunteering Platform. 

Sign up to King’s Volunteering

In June 2022, we launched King’s Volunteering, a new volunteering service for King’s students and staff, building on our commitment to serve society and have a positive social impact.

King’s Volunteering is your one-stop shop for discovering opportunities and building connections with people and organisations that are driving positive change in our local, national and international communities.

From one-off events to regular volunteering opportunities, there is something for everyone. Whether it is the environment, education or mental health, King’s Volunteering can connect students and staff with an organisation and a cause that is important to them.

Sign up to King’s Volunteering to connect, discover and make a difference.


How can you get involved?


Share your story and inspire others

Get involved with King’s Global Day of Service on social media by sharing your photos and videos. Make sure to tag @ServiceAtKings on Twitter and Instagram, and use the hashtag #ForeverKings.


Looking for volunteers?

If you are a charity, community interest company, social enterprise, or organisation with a clear social mission, and are looking for volunteers to enhance the impact of your work, we would love to hear from you. Visit the King’s Volunteering website for more information.

If you are a student, staff, or alumni of King's, and you would like to promote an event or activity as part of the King's Global Day of Service, please contact King's Volunteering at

Further information

  • If you are a King's student or member of staff and need help promoting an event for King's Global Day of Service, contact the King’s Volunteering team at
  • If you are staff, remember you can use your Service Time (internal link) to contribute to King’s Global Day of Service by volunteering with an external charity, cause or community organisation.
  • If you are alumni and need further guidance or an information pack on taking part in Global Day of Service activities in your local area, contact the Alumni Team:
  • Please note that King's Volunteering online is open to all current students and staff only. If you are a member of our alumni community, you are able to browse opportunities and organisations, but you will need to contact the organisation directly to volunteer with them.

Take the next step and join us for King's Global Day of Giving 2023

King's Global Day of Giving is just around the corner! Join us from 4-5 April for 36 hours of unrestricted fundraising and help make an even bigger difference to our students - one small gift at a time.

Find out more.