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Record your volunteering

By signing up to King’s Volunteering, you can keep a verified log of your volunteering activity and share this with others.

To verify your hours, they will need to be submitted and approved by the organisation you volunteer with.

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How to record your volunteering

Once you have spent time volunteering, or completed your volunteering activity, you can submit your volunteer hours for approval via King’s Volunteering.

Why log your volunteer hours?

  • You can build a verified record of all the volunteering you have completed throughout your time at King’s, all in one place.
  • You can share your volunteering record with others including employers, on applications or on your CV.
  • Hours logged on the King’s Volunteering platform will show on your Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) once you graduate.
  • You can qualify for the King’s Volunteering Reward & Recognition scheme.
  • This record helps you demonstrate the skills you’ve developed through volunteering.


All students and staff that record their volunteering hours via King's Volunteering will be able to access King's Volunteering Rewards. 

Certificates and LinkedIn Awards 

Volunteers will be able to access certificates and digital awards to display on their CVs and profiles in recognition of their contribution to society.

King's Move

All students and staff who sign up to King's Volunteering will receive 1500 points to be redeemed via King's Move. Volunteers can receive 100 points for each hour that is verified via King's Volunteering.

King's Volunteering Tote Bags

When volunteers complete and submit 36 hours of volunteering, they will be rewarded with a small gift from King's Volunteering - a limited edition large size cotton tote bag. Please email the King's Volunteering team at to arrange collection. 

All students and staff at King's, regardless of whether they have volunteered or not, can redeem 3600 points on King's Move for a King's Volunteer Tote Bag. You can claim and collect from the King's Sport & Wellness Strand Gym (Lower Ground, 57 Aldwych, Bush House - North West Wing, King's College London, London, WC2B 4PA).

Recording your volunteering hours: A step-by-step guide

  1. 1

    Login to King's Volunteering online using your Kings email.

  2. 2

    Click on Menu button at the top left of the page.

  3. 3

    Click on 'Log Hours' and answer the prompt questions.

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Guide: Record your volunteering

Here's a helpful guide to take you through the process of logging your volunteering hours.



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