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07 April 2021

Centre for Mexican Studies, UNAM-UK, strengthens links with King's Brazil Institute

The Centre, housed at King’s since 2015, has been incorporated into the School of Global Affairs and affiliated to the Brazil Institute, reinforcing the School's expertise in Latin American issues.


Speaking on the advantages of this new partnership, Director of the King’s Brazil Institute Dr Vinicius de Carvalho said:

To have the Center for Mexican Studies of UNAM working closely with us at the Brazil Institute reinforces our capacity to engage on Latin American knowledge and exchange at the School of Global Affairs. The Center is dynamic and active. It’s progammes and activities complement what the Brazil Institute promotes in relation to Latin American topics. At the King’s Brazil Institute we are very enthusiastic about this partnership.

Dr Vinicius De Carvalho

The Centre for Mexican Studies, UNAM-UK is an academic outpost of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). It was created in the UKMX 2015 dual year to promote academic and cultural exchange and collaboration between UNAM and British higher education institutions.

UNAM is the modern name of the Royal Pontifical University of Mexico, the first to be founded in North America, in 1551. It was granted the title “national” in 1910 and has been autonomous since 1929. It is the most ambitious and far-reaching cultural and educational project in Mexico, with over 350 000 registered students across various campuses. As a public, free university, it has had a profound, transformational impact on society, operating under the conviction that higher education is one of the keys to development.

UNAM promotes multidisciplinary educational programmes for students and for the academic development of professors and researchers in order to positively influence the new global reality, while improving the academic environment and Mexican society.

Professor Ana Elena González-Treviño, Director of UNAM-UK, looks forward to the Centre’s continued impact in the UK:

The Centre for Mexican Studies, UNAM-UK celebrates the recognition bestowed upon it by the Brazil Institute in this new alliance, consolidating our presence at King’s. Latin America is a complex and essential interlocutor in the global stage. Its enhanced presence at King’s and within the UK through joint activities and events will contribute towards the enrichment of multilateral thought and knowledge, and we very much look forward to it.

Professor Ana Elena González-Treviño

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