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23 February 2024

Research Director appointed for King's Business School's new Centre for Sustainable Business

Centre will provide businesses with practical solutions to transition to more sustainable practices


Professor Jonatan Pinkse has joined King’s Business School as the Research Director of its new Centre for Sustainable Business, working alongside Dr Catherine Tilley, the Centre’s Impact Director.

The business school has established the Centre to act as a catalyst for change. It will bring together researchers, industry, the public sector and civil society to provide practical answers to the question: ‘what do businesses need to do to transition to socially and environmentally sustainable practices and what are the best ways for them to do it?’

Before joining King’s Business School, Professor Pinkse held positions at the University of Manchester, Universiteit van Amsterdam, and Grenoble Ecole de Management. His work focuses on how firms make strategic decisions to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and deal with the tensions that arise between different stakeholders and issues. He has authored more than 60 scholarly and practitioner articles in leading publications. As Research Director he will develop the Centre’s research agenda, while Dr Catherine Tilley, an expert in business decision-making and climate change adaptation will lead on building relationships and initiatives that will put the Centre’s research findings into action.

The Centre has also appointed its first post-doctoral research fellow, Hannah Schupfer, who is completing her PhD at the University of Oslo.

Jonatan and Catherine are a powerful team to lead our new Centre for Sustainable Business. Collectively they possess an excellent track record in leading research projects, extensive first-hand experience of the challenges businesses face and a knowledge of the education and support that businesses will need to turn their sustainability aspirations into reality.

Professor Stephen Bach, Executive Dean, King's Business School

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