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03 May 2023

King's launches the 2023 survey on construction adjudication in partnership with The Adjudication Society

The Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution (CCLDR) and The Adjudication Society invite all users of, and stakeholders in construction adjudication in the United Kingdom – adjudicators, ANBs, lawyers, quantity surveyors, engineers, architects and all others to complete the 2023 survey on construction adjudication.

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In 2022, the CCLDR and The Adjudication Society published the report ‘2022 Construction Adjudication in the United Kingdom: Tracing trends and guiding reform’, authored by Professor Renato Nazzini and Aleksander Kalisz. It provided a comprehensive account and assessment of the state of play of construction adjudication in the United Kingdom.

The CCLDR now invites adjudication users to contribute to the 2023 report and help frame recommendations for making adjudication more transparent, cost-effective and fair.

Construction adjudication is the main way in which construction disputes are resolved in the UK. Unlike many other forms of ADR, it is not purely voluntary. There is a statutory right to refer a dispute to the adjudication. This makes it all the more important to have robust, clear and comprehensive data on how the process works to make it even better. Last year’s report led to important developments, such as the Adjudication Pledge. I encourage all users of adjudication to complete the survey this year too.

Professor Renato Nazzini, Director of The Centre of Construction Law & Dispute Resolution

Lord Justice Coulson commented that the 2022 Report was a “seminal moment” for construction adjudication. Patently, this research project helps and informs all stakeholders in statutory adjudication – the data is precious. The 2023 Survey is very important and I hope that all of us will consider completing the Survey. The Adjudication Society is proud to collaborate with Professor Nazzini’s Team at King’s College London.

Dr Hamish Lal, Chair of The Adjudication Society

Have your say by filling in the survey by 9 June 2023.

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