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11 April 2023

Material Minds? The rise of Chat GPT and AI

With the rise of language-learning models such as Chat GPT and discussions around AI almost keeping pace with the technology itself, King's hosted a workshop on how to make sense of it all.

Material Minds1

Just how do we understand and use Chat GPT and AI?

That question and many more were part of the discussion in a workshop hosted by King’s in series of lightning talks with researcher and industry leaders.

The Material Minds workshop, led by the Centre for Technology and the Body and the Digital Future Institute, engaged leading researchers from King's and across the tech sector to explore the meanings of human and machine intelligence.

Christoffer Noring from Microsoft joined the workshop
Christoffer Noring from Microsoft joined the workshop

Two guest speakers Ajit Jaokar, a course director on the topic of AI at the University of Oxford and Christoffer Noring, a developer at Microsoft, were invited to attend the talk and present joint provocation on their work.

Discussions revolved around the questions: how do we engage with, learn from, and collaborate with new technologies? What are the ethical and practical implications of Chat-GPT? How do we live well with material minds?

Neil Jakeman, King’s Digital Lab
Neil Jakeman, King’s Digital Lab

The well-attended event was able to bring together researchers across King's for intellectual discussion and collaboration, allowing guests and participants to consider the ways in which we might live practically and ethically with AI and Chat GPT. 

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