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10 January 2024

Meet the Fresh Faces of Sustainability in Research at King's

The new team is planning to make a big impact in significantly reducing carbon emissions across King's research.

Caitlin and Marcelo

A dedicated Sustainability in Research team has arrived, aligning with our commitment to the Climate and Sustainability Action Plan 2030. Dr Marcelo Salierno and Caitlin Broadbent have joined the Research Management and Innovation Directorate with a singular mission: to make a big impact by significantly reducing our carbon footprint in research.  

In collaboration with colleagues across the Faculties and Estates & Facilities, we aim to ignite a transformation in research design, fostering sustainable practices and paving the way for innovative alternatives that will drive impactful green-lab initiatives at King’s. Here are just a few of the initiatives we have planned to support this endeavour!  

100% adoption of LEAF across King’s

Although, the Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework (LEAF) has been running at King’s for several years, the goal for 2023/2024 is to ensure all laboratory spaces at King’s adopt the framework. LEAF launched in October 2023 for this year’s round, and King’s students and staff can visit our LEAF SharePoint page for more information on how to take part. 

Sustainability in Research Committee  

We are proud to announce the relaunch of the Sustainability in Research Committee (SRC), dedicated to driving innovation and advancing sustainability in research. The committee's mission includes supporting eco-friendly solutions, shaping institutional sustainability policies, organising educational outreach, and fostering collaborative efforts with researchers, staff, and external partners.  

King’s warms up for the 2024 Freezer Challenge launching in February

We’re getting ready to embrace the best practices in cold storage in a global race for sustainable cold storage excellence!  

From January to July 2024, King’s are participating in a competition hosted by MyGreenLab in collaboration with I2SL, uniting labs worldwide in the quest for sustainable excellence. Every King's lab is invited to take part, and our sustainability team is gearing up to equip you with resources and training, featuring expert-led workshops and recommendations for enhanced sample management and freezer maintenance.  

With a whopping 500+ Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezers, this competition will play a significant role in saving energy.

King’s staff and students are invited to attend our King’s Freezer Challenge launch on 7th February, 12.30-2pm on Teams, visit our Freezer challenge Sharepoint site to find out more!

King’s Staff and Students can also visit the Sustainable Research SharePoint for more information on our initiatives.  

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