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30 September 2022

Meet the Innovators at King's Accelerator: Cohort 2 announced

The Entrepreneurship Institute is partnering with King’s IP & Licensing team to support the pipeline of commercializable research to grow.

King's new cohort of innovators

Today we're announcing the second cohort of innovators taking part in the Innovator at King's Accelerator, who begin their 12 months of intensive support, delivered by the Entrepreneurship Institute.

These innovators are companies that have been developed from King’s research, founded by researchers and PhD students. Also known as ‘spin-outs’, these Innovators are supported by the university, which will usually act as a significant shareholder in the company from the start.

King’s has a long history of successful technology transfer and commercialisation of research discoveries. The plan is to accelerate this activity in the future, with more investment, stronger partnerships and collaborative communities. Sign-up to receive the latest news and updates relating to the commercialisation of research at King’s.

It's delightful and inspiring to welcome the second cohort of spin-outs into the Entrepreneurship Institute. It is our aim over the next 12 months to support them to progress towards the impact and scale that they aspire to."

Julie Devonshire, Director of the Entrepreneurship Institute

Our collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Institute has enabled us to provide intensive accelerator support for the first time for cohorts of spin-outs at King's. As we develop together the practical support that we can offer to spin-outs, we hope to build a more robust pipeline of research innovators to succeed at King's.”

Mike Shaw, Director IP & Licensing at King's College London

This year's cohort consists of eight new spin-outs from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, the Faculty of Natural, Mathematical & Engineering Sciences and the Faulty of Life Sciences & Medicine.


Commercialise and accredit the ADVANCE training programme to scale up the delivery of the ADVANCE digital perpetrator intervention to reduce intimate partner abuse by men with substance use problems.

We serve substance use treatment services and community justice offender management services, who currently do not provide integrated substance use and perpetrator interventions. Our ADVANCE digital perpetrator intervention (ADVANCE-D) for men who misuse substances and perpetrate intimate partner abuse offers our customer an effective digitally supported intervention by accrediting and training their staff to deliver ADVANCE-D.

Team: Professor Gail Gilchrist (Professor in Addictions Healthcare Research; Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine)

Apeikon Therapeutics

We offer technology solutions for safer and more efficient cancer treatments.

We serve clinical oncologists, who need to treat deep-seated inaccessible tumours avoiding adverse effects and multiple hospital visits. Our Apeikon platform technology offers our customer accurate treatment through/by using MRI image-able remotely activated delivery of therapeutics in tumours.

Team: Dr Maya Thanou (Reader; Faculty of Natural, Engineering & Mathematical Sciences)

Hand Intelligence Ltd

Touch the future and the past, or another world with Hand Intelligence!

Imagine if you could feel your fluffy pets or loved ones remotely in another country, doctors could palpate a patient’s breast lumps to detect breast cancer remotely, online shoppers can stroke over the textures of garments, VR gamers can feel the objects in the metaverse. Hand Intelligence will make it happen.

We provide the unique technology to provide high-resolution haptic feedback to the user. At Hand Intelligence, we develop disruptive technologies of robot fingers that can sense detailed surface textures, stiffness maps, force distributions in the interaction with objects. We also render the captured object properties to the user via a haptic device.

Team: Dr Shan Luo (Senior Lecturer in Engineering; Faculty of Natural, Engineering & Mathematical Sciences)


HearTech - Your personal cardiologist.

We serve new-born babies or GPs, who need early cardiac screening. Our device offers our customer automatic screening and monitoring of heart conditions by a small-scaled device and embedded novel algorithm.

Team: Xinqi Bao (Research Student; Institute of Psychiatry Psychology & Neuroscience)

Migration Biotherapeutics Ltd

A decoy nerve for Glioblastoma: Cell Biology as a therapy.

We serve surgeons who operate on brain tumours in adults. Our ALIGHT device offers our customer to re-centre the infiltrating cells in the surgical bed by appearing as a nerve substrate to the relevant tumour cells using our functionalised polycaprolactone fibres.

Team: Dr Davide Danovi (Senior Lecturer Biomedical and Life Sciences; Faulty of Life Sciences & Medicine)

Transforming cancer care with data-driven pathology.

We’re building a digital pathology platform to transform the assessment of breast cancer for pathologists and help them make more informed and confident clinical decisions. Our platform will focus on capturing histological biomarkers beyond the cancer itself that are predictive, prognostic and inform the therapeutic treatment regime. The software enables pathologists to automatically quantify the biomarkers from routine histology slides using deep learning.

Team: Gregory Verghese (Research associate at the Breast Cancer Now unit at Guy’s Hospital in the Cancer Bioinformatics lab; Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine)

Rev.eye.talise Robotics

We are developing micro-surgical robotics that deliver regenerative therapies to the human retina.

We serve healthcare providers, who want the ability to deliver regenerative retinal therapies. Our micro-surgical robot offers our customer unparalleled dexterity in the confined space of the eye by using miniaturised elephant-trunk-like robotic end-effectors

Team: Christos Bergeles (Associate Professor; Faulty of Life Sciences & Medicine)


We aim to uncover novel antiviral drug targets by embracing neuroscience tools and know-how in the context of virology.

We serve pharmaceutical companies/biotech startups who want to explore new host targets for antiviral development. Our company offers our customer new validated host antiviral targets by using our expertise in neuroscience know-how and tools by focusing on the virtually unexplored ion channel family.

Team: Dr Guilherme Neves (Research Associate; Faculty of Life Sciences & Medicine)