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20 October 2023

New cross-disciplinary teaching collaboration between King's College London and TEDI-London

Shared teaching module creates complimentary skillsets for biomedical and design engineering students.

students sitting together in front of medical euqipment
Shared teaching module creates complimentary skillsets across biomedical and design engineering students.

A new collaboration is underway that establishes a shared teaching module between the School of Biomedical Engineering & Imaging Sciences and TEDI-London: The Engineering and Design Institute London.

King's specialises in biomedical, electronic and general engineering, while TEDI-London specialises in design engineering, creating a unique opportunity for these students to share their complimentary skillsets.

The School’s Head of Education, Professor Kawal Rhode and TEDI-London Teaching Fellows, Matt Thompson and Sam Fishlock are leading the collaboration.

We are hoping this collaboration is going to be really fruitful and help our students both at TEDI-London and at King’s to increase their knowledge, understanding and skills on the topics they are learning together.

Prof Kawal Rhode, Head of Education at the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences

The first cohort of students undertaking this shared teaching module are focusing on physiological monitoring.

We are enabling a space for TEDI-London students to bring their expertise in design and manufacturing and King’s students to bring their knowledge of heart sensors and physiological measurements, to produce a more rounded project.

Matt Thompson, TEDI-London Teaching Fellow

Once a week, TEDI-London students and King’s students meet at the Mechatronics lab at St Thomas’ Hospital where they present and discuss their respective projects.

“It is a great opportunity for cross-disciplinary Universities to work together and collaborate on building actual prototypes and actual functioning devices. TEDI-London students can provide advice on the product design and how it looks because we don’t have much experience in that area. So, we get to use their expertise in product design and we get to use our circuit design and medical and engineering background in building a functioning device.” – Mohammed Abusadeh, third year Biomedical Engineering student, King’s College London

It’s really cool being able to collaborate with King’s students who have a speciality and expertise in fields that we don’t. It’s great to see how our designs can fit into their products.

Ollie Bridge, second year TEDI-London Student

The Engineering & Design Institute London (TEDI-London) is a newly established collaborative, design‐led engineering Higher Education provider co-founded by the three PLuS Alliance partners – Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Sydney.

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