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07 December 2020

New policy series analyses contemporary China's diplomatic, economic and security interactions with the world

As China continues to cement its role as a political and economic superpower it is as important as ever to evaluate how it operates beyond its own borders.

President Xi Jinping and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte at signing of trade deal
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with Chinese President President Xi Jinping

The Lau Policy Series was launched today with the release of its first paper and a podcast episode. This series is a collaboration between the Lau China Institute and the School of Security Studies at King’s College London.

Written by Alice Politi, the first paper, 'Italy: a case study of the Silk Road Project in Europe', considers the recent bilateral agreement between Italy and China, examining what it can tell us about the role of Chinese foreign investment for Chinese trade and diplomacy.

Alice and Francesca Ghiretti will be discussing the paper in an event this Wednesday, moderated by Director of the Lau China Institute Professor Kerry Brown and series lead for Security Studies Dr Zeno Leoni. The event will also serve as an introduction to the series, unpacking its aims and its chosen topic 'China in the World'.

Over the coming months the series will bring researchers, academics and policymakers together to discuss key policy challenges relating to China, ranging from China’s impact on renewable technology and the creation of new foreign investment programmes such as the belt and road initiative, to tensions with the United States and the changing role of diplomacy.

Alongside the policy papers there will be a series of discussions, interviews and events which delve into the topics in more detail. Visit the series web page for more information on the programme.

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