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10 June 2020

School of Security Studies hosts its first ever research conference

The School held an online research conference on global shocks, attracting over 1500 people from all over the world.

World map with ripples

The School of Security Studies, King’s College London, held its first ever research conference last week, bringing together academics and PhD students from across the Defence Studies and War Studies Departments to present 15 panel events on the theme of global shocks.

Due to the current Covid-19 global pandemic, the conference was held online which enabled an audience of over 1500 people from all over the world to attend the events.

The conference theme was the security implications of major global shocks, such as Covid-19, and how we can better manage these crises, drawing on ethical, technological, historical and diplomatic perspectives from history and today.

Sessions featured experts from across King’s and the security and defence field, who highlighted their research discussed emerging topics and trends. Speakers included Visiting Professor and former UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator and Director of GCHQ, Sir David Omand, Professor of Behavioural Science and Security, Brooke Rogers, Emeritus Professor, Lawrence Freedman, and Richard Sullivan, Co-Director of the Conflict & Health Research Group at King's.

The School also held internal workshops for PhD students and early career researchers, covering funding opportunities, employment routes in a post-Covid world, research impact and reimaging fieldwork during the current crises.

Explore the panel sessions


Past shocks and present day echoes

Military and Political History

The role of the Military in the age of Covid-19

Regional Security & Development

Warning, risk, and resilience

National & International Security

The ethics of solidarity, community and care

International Relations and Ethics