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Andreia Reis do Carmo

PhD student


Andreia Reis do Carmo is a PhD student in the Brazil Institute. She began her PhD in 2015 and her research focuses on corruption and political participation.

During her MPhil in the University of Oxford, her thesis examined how popular participation was able to result in legislative changes in Brazil. The debate tends to sustain the hypothesis that an increase in corruption perception amongst the population resulted in a learning process triggered by a social movement and its campaign toward the enactment of the law. This learning process shifted the behaviour of the population that engaged and supported the bills, therefore pressuring the Brazilian Congress. Fieldwork was carried out in the summer of 2014, using a qualitative approach to the research question, and was able to develop a ‘causal map’ that led to the outcome.

Her current research is sponsored by CAPES Foundation, an agency under the Ministry of Education of Brazil.


Thesis title: 'The mobilising power of corruption'

Andreia's PhD looks at first improving the existing qualitative research. Secondly, quantitative methods will be used to examine the same research question. LAPOP Survey database will be used to assess the impact of corruption perception on political participation and thus operating the legislative transformation regarding political corruption.

This research is innovative in the sense that it analyses the effects of society, through the proxy of political participation, on the struggle against corruption, adding to institutional approaches

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