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Annika pursued her PhD in Biochemistry at the Charité Berlin, where she studied the regulation of proteasomes as well as the importance of the oxidative stress response during viral infections. She developed an interest in reactive oxygen signalling during innate immune responses and joined Venizelos Papayannopoulos’ lab at the Francis Crick Institute in London to work with neutrophils. These innate immune cells produce a powerful oxidative burst and play a crucial role in clearing infections. Poorly regulated immune responses cause tissue damage and pathology. For example during severe influenza A virus infection, the control of excessive inflammatory responses is vital. Annika's research is investigating the localisation and effects of reactive oxygen signalling during influenza infection, which could have a profound impact on antiviral inflammation and virus clearance. Her programme could ultimately lead to new therapeutic approaches targeting novel signalling pathways in patients with severe influenza as well as for inflammatory or autoimmune diseases in general.