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Daniel Gellai

Mr Daniel Gellai

Undergraduate Faculty Tutor




Daniel Gellai is one of the Undergraduate Faculty Tutors at King’s Business School. He supports students through their transition to the business school, navigating their studies and life at university so that they can reach their full potential. He aims to provide excellent structured support for their studies, develop their understanding of our support mechanisms and facilitate meaningful and quality conversations that will enhance the student experience.

He appreciates and understands the challenges of students’ journeys academically, socially, and career-wise as they are growing into their authentic selves. In his work and research, he aims to fulfill his personal mission statement to provide safe spaces where students can seek empowerment so that they can be transformative in their lives and communities.

Beyond his experience studying in various educational systems, Daniel has taught undergraduate statistics and academic writing as academic support staff, and administered academic programmes facilitating learning of international students for the past eight years. Guided in his work with students by bell hooks, Daniel values and practices engaged pedagogy, holistic development, diversity and anti-oppression work.

As a higher education professional, he is interested in the intersections of education, diversity and wellbeing, policy, and data. His most recent work looked at the policy networks advocating for artificial intelligence systems in higher education.